My dog bed adventure

When I got my first dog, I thought getting all his gear would be simple and straight forward; dog bed, grooming kit, food, lead, collar, you know, the usual stuff. But unfortunately, it didn't turn out this way. In fact, it was much more complicated. I guess like everything these days, there's a choice to be made. The same goes when buying bits for your pet dog, which until recently, I didn't realize.

Let's take the bedding for example. I just wanted a dog bed, something that was sensibly priced that was going to provide my new four-legged friend a comfortable and warm place to get some sleep. I pretty much had a good idea in my head of what I was going to go for; something with soft sides, but deep walled. He's an Alsatian so it had to be reasonably big too. But apart from that I also wanted something that was going to last a while, quality at a reasonable price is what I wanted.

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