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Choosing the right lumber for a dog house

Owning pets involves a lot of different responsibilities, but not all of them are troublesome. If you enjoy working with your hands, the need to provide your dogs with shelter can be a positive pleasure. Building your own doghouse is a great do-it-yourself project that doesn't require a lot of complex tools. You need to make smart choices when you're picking out your materials, though.

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There’s a Mouse in the House & Other House Cat Adventures

There’s a mouse in the house. He’s cute. He’s small and fat and has the kind of face that would make a great Beatrix Potter character. All he needs is a jaunty little hat.

He’s not a new pet. He’s a field mouse, probably an adolescent, who came in under the door using that almost supernatural ability mice have to flatten themselves and squeeze through any space. You’d think he would’ve chosen a house with less cats. Any house in the neighborhood would probably fit that bill – since this house has seven.

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What is the importance of insulating your dog's house?

Doghouses in some regions of the country need to be insulated to protect the dog from severe temperatures. Failure to insulate a doghouse that is subjected to extremely low or high temperatures can put the dog's health in jeopardy.

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Insulated outdoor dog houses for your dog's health

Cedar insulated dog houses are the most popular brand of dog houses to buy. These are the perfect outdoor houses that will keep your pup happy and you concern free. They are easy to install, fit perfectly with your outdoor ambience, have the capacity to hold your dog and his accessories and come with various additional options for you to choose from. Insulated dog houses are one of the best types of dog houses out there making them one of the most popular options for dog owners to purchase.

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