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The Obama's pet delima

News sites are reporting that the choice is now do to just two dogs, a Portuguese water dog or a Labradoodle.   Up to this point outside groups have not voiced an opinion but now the AKC is out in favor of a purebred dog.

The interesting thing here is that Obama probably can't win.  If he doesn't pick a shelter dog then all the rescue groups will be critical of his choice (and yes I actually support them getting a rescue dog).

On the other hand, possibly a purebred dog would do better with the children's allergies.  I really don't know if either dog listed above makes a difference with that however.

Anyway it will be fun to watch and see how this all plays out.  Let's just hope that once the dog is there they care for it and treat like a member of the family.  A pet needs to be loved and cared for, it isn't a trophy to display.

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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

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