A dog's purpose

After watching the movie "A Dog's Purpose" we thought this would make a great poll question

A swipe of the tongue - Why does my dog lick?

It’s a behavior that drives some of us dog owners crazy – the compulsive licking habit that many dogs seem to practice. Although our dogs are part of our family, they practice a different type of hygiene care that we do, preferring a swipe of the tongue to groom themselves over a sponge and shampoo. For some dogs, however, the habit of licking (whether it’s themselves, their owners, or an object like the carpet) can reach abnormal proportions. Although many dog lovers would simply just find this annoying, it can actually be harmful for your pup, and may be an indication that there’s an underlying medical issue. Here are some the reasons your dog might be going overboard with this particular behavior. So here we will attempl to anwer the question "Why why does my dog lick me"?

Choosing the right lumber for a dog house

Owning pets involves a lot of different responsibilities, but not all of them are troublesome. If you enjoy working with your hands, the need to provide your dogs with shelter can be a positive pleasure. Building your own doghouse is a great do-it-yourself project that doesn't require a lot of complex tools. You need to make smart choices when you're picking out your materials, though.

The Case In Favor Of Wooden Doghouses

Wood is still one of the leading choices for building a doghouse, but these days it's being sorely challenged by plastic. Wood is still the best material, though, especially if you intend to construct your dog's new home personally. Although plastic panels can be incorporated into a home-built dog house design, they're much more difficult to work with than ordinary lumber.

Dealing with your dog's separation anxiety

Many people who have pets are quite often away from home during the day due to appointments and work. In these situations, our pets tend to get the idea that when we leave we may not come back, and some will suffer from a condition called separation anxiety. This problem is very common among many pets but particularly so among dogs.

Dogs are usually a part of a pack; they are used to being in a group of others by nature. When you bring them home they tend to make you and your family a part of their pack. However, the behavior can be one of a positive nature, when they are sure you are the leader of the pack, and one of a negative nature when they are trying to assert themselves as the leader.


Does your dog have separation anxiety?

Does your dog miss you too much when you're away at work, shopping, visiting or whatever? It's normal for them to miss you some, and it's not uncommon for them to have some serious problems with being left alone. This can cause you both some distress.

If they go over the top when left on their own, they probably have what's commonly known as separation anxiety, which is also common in small children. Here are some ideas to help you both cope when you're away and make it easier.

Dogs have separation anxiety too

Dogs, like humans, suffer from separation anxiety. Your dog may have experienced it. How do you know if your dog suffers from separation anxiety?  There may have been a time (or perhaps right now) when your dog showed destructive behavior and you have actually come home to find the house in disarray -- papers were scattered all over the place, the trash can was knocked over with garbage spilling out, your shoes and clothes were chewed into pieces and shred.

Shelter dogs - a great adoption!

When you are looking for a new canine companion to share your home and heart, rescuing a shelter dog is great decision. No matter what type of dog you are looking for, you are almost guaranteed to find it in today’s over-crowded animal shelters. The sad fact is that people not only surrender mixed breed dogs to the humane societies across the US, but there are also plenty of pure-bred dogs (and puppies!) that are looking for homes as well.

Top Tips for Preventing Diseases in Your Pet Dog

Old English Sheep DogHaving a pet is an expensive affair. A visit to the vet can cost you a bomb and that coupled with hefty medical bills may just burn a large hole in your pocket. Of course, your pooch deserves nothing but the best treatment, so you wouldn’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to caring for him. 

Prevention is better than cure’ is an old adage which still holds true. Prevention of diseases in your pet not only spares him the physical and mental torment, but also saves you a lot of unnecessary expenditure. 

If only it were that easy though. You can help your lovable pooch through preventative healthcare, which is more than feeding him healthy food, and keeping him away from germs and injuries. It is a multi-faceted approach that includes analysis by a qualified vet, with respect to your doggie’s well-being. 

Based on the findings from the tests conducted, the vet will provide you with recommendations for your pet’s health. These recommendations will encompass information related to your mutt’s nutrition, vaccinations, dental care, heartworm/flea/tick prevention, and that related to the risk factors that may affect him. 

Training for separation anxiety in dogs

Separation anxiety is the dread or fear that your dog experiences when someone that they are attached to leaves them. So a typical instance of this might be when you go to work in the morning, the dog might get tense or anxious. Typically this anxiety produces negative behavior in the animal. It may howl or bark, urinate or defecate in the house, start to chew things or bite itself. Obviously this is not good for the dogs state of mind or your home. So what can be done about separation anxiety in dogs?

What is the importance of insulating your dog's house?

Doghouses in some regions of the country need to be insulated to protect the dog from severe temperatures. Failure to insulate a doghouse that is subjected to extremely low or high temperatures can put the dog's health in jeopardy.