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Unique puppy dog training suggestions

A few items to keep in mind when schooling your dog!

You will have to be constant in training your dog. Your will need to go over commands and tricks that you teach your dog over and over again as repetition is essential for your dog to retain the knowledge long-term. If you do not repeat the commands and tricks until your dog fully understands and gets it you will be wasting your time.

Throughout training you will need to repeat things over and over again, however, after your dog is trained he will seldom need extra instructions. He will be well behaved and obedient and easy to take in public, which is what any responsible pet owner really wants.

When you are housetraining your puppy you need to shower him with love and attention when he does it appropriately. Make a huge deal about it and reward and applaud him abundantly. Soon he will always go where he is expected to because it pleases you so much.

When you bring a new dog home you need to institute the ground rules right away. A dog can quickly develop bad habits if they are not stopped right away but they can also learn very quickly what is pleasing behavior and what is not. Puppies can be very cute and endearing but they need restraint to develop excellent habits early on.

Spaying or neutering your dog is not only a great way to avoid litters of puppies, but it is positive for your puppy’s health. Also, it will reduce many aggression complications and you will have less behavior complications.

Always attempt to keep your dog training sessions short enough so that you are both still having fun. Some dogs understand sooner than others and you will need to accept and respect your dogs own character and personality in order to the get the greatest outcomes with training. If you respect him and keep it fun, your dog will try harder to satisfy you and you will be more liable to have the connection you want.

Puppies can be easily distracted so it is up to the trainer to make the training fun and engaging. Try not to spend too much time training at the start and as soon as it stops being fun for the dog it is probably time to stop that session. Keeping the training interesting and fun is a key to long-term dog training success.

To be able to keep your puppy’s attention you can do things that he enjoys but you must also reward him for little successes. Do not offer a food reward every time, however, because irregular reinforcement is actually much more effective than constant reinforcement because he never knows when he will get the treat so he will keep doing the behavior on the hope that he will get the food reward. Also too many food treats can be bad for your dog’s physical condition and weight. However, love and attention should be consistently given.

A treat does not inevitably have to be food. It can be a walk in the park, playing in the yard, riding in the car or even just a hug and pat on the head. Love and affection should not be withheld, as your dog will do just about anything for that alone. This is a great way to uphold your puppy’s enthusiasm to satisfy you.

Dogs are genuinely curious and they will sniff around the area, dig and play around. Puppies are also easily distracted by noises, other people and other animals. When you first start training it is wise to do it where there are less distractions and as your training progresses you can steadily move to places with more likely distractions.

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