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Train Your Dog Easier with Right Motivation
Training Diana SmithDiana Smith   1064   0   1   0   0   0
Anyone who has ever tried to train an animal knows how difficult it can be: all they want to do is play, eat, and sleep, and getting them to learn new tricks and be obedient can be a real challenge. Still, it’s not an impossible task if you learn...
5 Simple Ways to Prevent Obesity In Pets (Cats And Dogs)
Healthy Linda ButtsLinda Butts   920   0   1   0   0   0
Is your dog or cat slowly becoming obese? Here are five simple ways to address that concern. Garfield the cat is perhaps the most popular obese pet. For many people, he’s cute and adorable. It’s a good thing that Garfield is just a comic character...
Health Brian StephensonBrian Stephenson   922   0   1   0   0   0
If you love pets but love travel too it can be difficult to decide whether to leave your cat at home or take her along with you. You might be worried about bringing your cat on a long journey and the complications it might cause. If...
Wildlife and Pets: Keeping Our Animals Safe From Predators
Healthy Sloan McKinneySloan McKinney   972   0   1   0   0   0
Depending upon where you live, even some suburban areas can have pesky critters and predators that can cause problems for our pets. Think about living in the city and you’ll still encounter rodents from time to time, even skunks, possums and raccoons are sometimes seen in the suburbs. All...
Wolf Cats Are On The Prowl: More About Lykoi
Beverly Forehand Beverly ForehandBeverly Forehand   2028   0   1   0   0   0
You may’ve heard of “Lykoi” cats or maybe you haven’t. They’re sometimes called ‘wolf’ cats or even ‘werewolf’ kitties and there have been a few articles about them since the breed became recognized a few years ago. To be accurate, they aren’t really a breed, they are cats with...
Give your cat a Fall tune up
Beverly Forehand Beverly ForehandBeverly Forehand   998   0   1   0   0   0
Many people take their car for spring and fall tune-ups, but autumn is also a great time to schedule a check-up for your furry friend, especially if they’re over the age of ten. Most veterinarians recommend annual check-ups for non-senior pets and biannual check-ups for pets considered senior.* (The...
How to make your office more pet-friendly
Healthy Emma Hannah LawsonEmma Hannah Lawson   1312   0   1   0   0   0
We live in an age of change – a mere couple of decades ago, bringing in pets to work was only acceptable if you were a veterinarian or working at a pet shelter. Nowadays, however, an increasing number of companies are more and more tolerant when it comes to...
23 results - showing 1 - 9
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