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Training a dog for children keeps them both safe

If you have kids and want to adopt a dog, then training a dog for children is something you need to think about. There are a lot of families out there who have had an event happen between a dog and child that now causes tension and uneasiness. Children and dogs are not always compatible together. Certain dogs may not be comfortable around children or may not be trained properly at all, causing safety issues. Anyone who has children and has thought about adopting a dog has probably raised the concern as to whether or not that would be best, or if its better to forget the idea.

Luckily you shouldn’t have to forg getting a dog just because you are afraid it won’t get along with your kids. You may have a dog that gets along quite well with your kids and one that your kids will love! Most dogs are well tempered and enjoy playing with children, the key is to pick one that likes kids in the first place.

Training a dog for children is actually not very difficult, but part of that is training your children to be kind around your dog. This is a two way relationship and responsibility must be on both sides. You want to make sure you train your dog not to nip, but or jump up before he is exposed to small children and this will go a long way in warding off problems.

A dog that does not display unnecessarily aggressive behavior is a good idea if there will be small children in the home. If they have a calm and easy demeanor they will be more easily trained to play and cooperate with your children and you. Children must also know that the new dog is not a plaything; it is never a good idea to subject a new dog to unusual rough play as they may become violent or scared. Your dog should not feel the need to defend itself by biting your child nor should they fear your child.

While it’s critical to let kids know that they must be considerate and gentle with a new dog, it is wise not to leave him unsupervised with very little ones. If you allow the youngsters and the new dog to get used to each other gradually and in your presence, that is the best way to introduce them to each other and help them form compatibility.

When deciding on a dog your prospective dog’s personality should play an important role if you also have young children. Training a dog for children is easy if the dog has a sweet personality. If you have really small children, you might want a smaller dog. A dog that is both energetic and can be controlled is a good match for a home with older children.

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