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Reasons Sleep Is Crucial for Your Dog With Joint Pain

Our dogs are members of the family. Pet owners want the best for them, and giving them the sleep they need is one way to properly care for them. It’s especially crucial for dogs with joint pain to receive the rest they need. This blog will look at a few of the reasons why.


Promotes Healthy Weight

Certain hormones go up when your fur baby isn’t getting enough shut-eye. Those same hormones drive your dog’s appetite, which means they’re more prone to overeating. Your dog’s tired brain is less effective at controlling its appetite.

Sleep deprivation instructs the body to release increased insulin levels after meals, which encourages fat storage. Excess weight on your dog creates more stress and strain on their joints.

Reduces Pain and Curbs Inflammation

Dogs can also develop arthritis and other chronic inflammation disorders. Deep sleep is one of the best ways your dog’s body fights inflammation because it reduces the inflammatory protein levels in the bloodstream. Less inflammation means less stiffness and pain for your dog.

Improves Immune Function

Your dog’s immune system will generate defensive cytokines and infection-fighting antibodies while they sleep. Your pup’s immune system won’t be able to build up its disease-fighting forces and will therefore be less effective at attacking any viruses and other foreign invaders if they’re sleep deprived.

Mood Elevator

You want your dog to enjoy their life here on Earth. That can be challenging when a dog is dealing with mobility issues and the stress of chronic pain. Being chronically tired only adds to the problem. You know how great you feel after a great night’s rest? Your beloved dog is the same way. You’ll elevate their mood, and who doesn’t love a happy pup?

Regenerates Tissue and Cells

When a pup doesn’t get the sleep it needs, its body isn’t able to regenerate the tissue and cells. Most of the evening, your dog’s body produces the protein that will heal any damaged tissue and cells that happened while they were playing that day. A lack of sleep speeds up joint damage by denying the body of using its natural restorative capabilities.

Pet owners only want the best for their dogs, especially if they suffer from joint pain. To avoid sleep deprivation, provide your dog with a good night’s sleep. Pay attention to signs that your dog isn’t sleeping well and make changes. Understanding why sleep is so crucial for a dog with joint pain will help ensure your dog receives the rest they need.

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