Why should you be concerned with what your cat eats Hot

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cat_supplements225x126Cat food companies will often deceive consumers by using terms to describe their foods as; premium, super premium, quality and natural but there is no legal or scientific definitions for these terms. The source of the ingredients are very important and since cats are carnivores, the source should be animal based.

Have you attempted several ways to get your cat to lose weight but none have worked?

Obesity in cats has reach a crisis. This crisis occurred as a result of feeding them too much of the wrong foods. If you take your cat off carbohydrates and feed him/her a meat-based diet, your cat will be healthier and happier. Start your cat on an exercise program like; climbing a tree, fetching a ball or playing with toys. Additionally, your cat will avoid health problems brought on by obesity that can be quite costly.

Do you know what to change your cat's diet too?

Let's incorporate some common sense into this. To do that, we should consider your cat's origin. Just where did your domestic cat(s) originate? Your domestic cat is a descendant of the wild cats that roam the African Deserts. Mother Nature has well-suited the cat to survive and even thrive in a desert environment.

There is not much water in a desert. Therefore, cats naturally have a low thirst drive. Additionally, cats are carnivores but not just carnivores but rather obligate carnivores - meaning that they have to eat meat. They derive their needed nutrients from raw meats. Not many plants are indigenous to a desert environment.

A cat's digestive system was designed by Mother Nature to efficiently digest meat, bones and most bacteria. A digestive system is acidic and short and is perfect for digesting a cat's natural diet. Fruits, vegetables and other plant foods are not part of a cat's evolutionary process and should not be fed to them.

In the desert, it's a common occurrence to see cats eating prey that's infested with flies and other parasites.

The bones of a cat's prey serve as tooth brushes, the organ meat provide moisture and the prey's stomach content provide the only plant food the cat eats.

A cat's prolong intake of dry food will cause dehydration because the dry food will absorb the cat's moisture from within and that will lead to other problems such as; diabetes, urinary track problems, a weaken immune system and death.

Who's interest is best served when commercial cat food companies produce such low-grade foods?

PROFITS - grains are cheaper than meats - then they load up the dry foods with harmful preservatives. All of this spells danger for our domestic cats.

The unprovable claims made by the commercial cat food companies that their dry foods are wholesome, nutritious, all natural and well-balanced flies in the face of reason.

What foods are best for your cat?

Never ever feed your cat any dry commercial cat food. Dry food is harmful to your cat. It's best to feed your cat a raw meat diet and avoid feeding your cat carbohydrates.

When purchasing food for your cat, always be mindful that cats are not humans. Our dietary requirements are different from cats. Return the love your cat has shown you and your family by feeding him/her food that is beneficial to them and enhance their longevity. By doing that, you will has greatly reduced the chance of your cat dying a premature death.

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