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Popular cat breeds

Man’s new best friend is the cat according to the most recent research polls. There are less dog homes in America than “condos” with cats. Cat lovers know exactly why this is the case: cats are a breeze to care for and they love you beyond compare. There is no walking, they can be left alone overnight: what’s not to love? Give them premium food, a scoopable cat litter, love and a cat tree.

You may wonder what breeds are taking over America. The most widely owned breed is not really a breed at all. It is simply the domestic cat: long hair, medium hair, or short hair these new mutts are all the rage. Domestic cats come in all sizes, colors and can even look like specific breed. They are just not papered and pedigreed.

Although I love all cats I certainly have favorite breeds. Mine happen to be Cornish Rexes, Devon Rexes, Sphynxes, Bengals and Siamese. America does not agree with me on most of these. Every year the list changes, but generally speaking the most popular breeds stay at the top:

* Persians tend to be at the top of every list. They have pushed in faces and very long hair. Daily grooming is a must. * Exotics are nothing more than short haired Persians. They tend to shed quite a bit so daily grooming should be done. * Maine Coons are the lovers of the cat world. Don’t let their long coats worry you. They need minimum grooming but love the attention it brings them. Their ear tufts and manes are especially stunning. * Siamese can be talkers. They love to chat with their people and have lots to say. Their ears, nose, feet and tails have points of deeper color. They have two head shapes: one is round and one is long and lean. * Abyssinians are known for their cool fur. They have ticking on them. They are long, lean, intelligent and have bright eyes. * Ragdolls are highly favored among families. They are known for an even temperament and can grow to be 20 pounds. * Birmans are similar to Siamese with long hair and sturdier bodies. Of course, the blue eyes are gorgeous.

The best thing you can do before adopting a new pet is to do your research. You need to identify personality traits that you like. Then look for that in the breed that attracts you. Fifty percent of animals in shelters and rescues are purebreds so you can easily adopt instead of going to a breeder. Your new family member is just waiting for you to show up!

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