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Why being a cat owner is great

It is not embarrassing to admit that every person needs someone to accompany him in this journey through life. However, a partner may not always come in the form of a human being. Sometimes, it could be an animal. There is nothing wrong with that because there are some reasons why an animal is a better choice than a human being. They are easy to take care of and do not present a complication. They are also to shower with love and affection, just like what a mother does to her children.

Pets are the best way to have bonding moments with if you don’t feel like being in other people’s company. They are loyal, friendly and smart enough to be taught certain responsibilities and even a few fancy tricks. Unlike clingy individuals, you can leave them alone in your place without worrying that they will bother you every so often in your office. Isn’t it such a relief to be free from unwanted attention?

Pet stores and veterinarians offer a great selection when it comes to potential pet choices. You can see cute dogs, furry kittens, regal-looking birds, small rabbits and even rare animals like albino pythons and deadly tarantulas. Surely, no matter what your inherent personality is, you will find a perfect match that fits your discriminating needs.

Most people go for domesticated animals like cats and dogs. However, there are certain benefits that a cat can give its owner that a dog can’t. Read on why being a cat owner is great.

One, owning a cat conditions you to become more aware of their basic needs and wants. You have to think about the food they eat, their source of water, their medications, their physical activity, grooming necessities and even accessories. You must also be prepared to face the vet in case your cat feels sick. All these may seem like heavy burdens but the truth is, you get to build up virtues that cannot be measured. This will make you into a more mature and selfless human being.

Second, having a cat will give you a motivation to wake up each day with enthusiasm. This is because you have something to look forward to. You are not merely living for yourself anymore. If previously you lived your day to day activities in a robotic manner, now, you will feel more energized. You will also have another reason for going home early because you are aware that someone awaits your presence. If you feel stressed out from all the tension-filled meeting at the office, playing with your cat is a great way to de-stress.

Third, you can add more friends to your list if you participate in activities being sponsored by cat lovers or by joining a cat owners’ group. Since you have the same concern, you will not lose a topic to talk about. There are many passionate people like you who are into cats. There is no need for weird icebreakers to be performed if you find yourself in this predicament.

So there you have it, the reasons why being a cat owner is great. What are you waiting for? Get one now.

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