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Breeding a Teacup Persian cat

You may be confused when you hear the words teacup cats and inquire what it means when others are talking about it. Teacup cats are quite different from miniature cats - which you may have heard of or even had as a pet.

Persian teacup cats are miniature cats but they vary with regards to some very specific characteristics. A normal female cat weighs somewhere between eleven to fourteen pounds and a male cat can go up to seventeen.

Persian Cat teacup

On the contrary, a Persian teacup cat starts weighing in at the measly three-pound mark and stays below eight at the maximum. If you have these weight markings in mind then you will immediately be able to gauge whether the cat being offered in the market is an actual teacup Persian cat.

Buying a teacup cat requires you to know certain facts like this otherwise you might fall into the trap that is set by some unscrupulous cat breeders. The cheats in the business often try to sell any Persian cat that is less than ten pounds as a teacup cat whereas, in reality, such a cat is actually to be counted amongst the normal Persians. Hence be informed that just because a Persian cat weighs less than ten pounds doesn't make it a teacup cat.

Many people think the teacup Persian cat variety to be very charming. As it is Persian cats are considered to be extremely cute and cuddly making them an excellent choice for a home pet.

The Persian teacup cat with its exceptionally small size and fragile nature is all the more demanding of love and care which is one of the things that cat owners instinctively do.

The question is, where do they come from? Persian teacup cats are actually specially bred by a procedure known as inbreeding. This process involves mating the smallest-sized cat from one specific breed with the smallest cat of a different breed. With each new generation, the changes slowly start to creep in thus resulting in the teacup cat after a couple of turnovers.

If you are familiar with the Japanese Bonsai method you will realize how the size of the trees is reduced by the process of dwarfism. In the same way, the cat's size is decreased with the process of dwarfism. The dwarfism of Persian teacup cats involves two methods.

The key procedure which is followed in dwarfism is the mutating of genes that go by the name of achondroplasia. Here the mutation affects the balance of the cat's body. Due to this balance, the bone growth of the cat is controlled resulting in overall smaller bones. Teacup Persians are more popular than any of the other teacup cats in the world.

Let us know below if you have a teacup Persian or are planning to get one.  We would love to hear what you think of them and encourage other cat lovers to look at these truly wonderful and beautiful pets as life-long companions.  All cats make wonderful pets.  We think the Persian teacup cats are very special!

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