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How to choose a cat for your family

There are many benefits when you learn how to choose the right cat, but you may find it to be a difficult choice. So they can experience the pleasure of growth, many families choose to adopt a kitten, whilst others will want to choose an adult cat because they do not have the tolerance, patience or energy to deal with a young and lively cat.

They will need to train the kitten in litter training, furniture climbing and the curious nature of all kittens. Also, because adult cats are less likely to be adopted than their cuter counter-parts, some people like to choose a cat instead. But, there are different pros and cons for owning each of these.

The advantages of a kitten, is that you get to have the pleasure of watching them grow and mature. Kittens have quite an amusing curiosity. The bonds formed when a kitten is young, can be quite strong. The kitten's medical history is known somewhat by you, since the kitten has been in your presence for the most part. You get to have the pleasure to enjoy more years with them. You know their age. Kittens tend to adjust better with other pets that you may already have.

The advantages of a cat, is that they are already litter trained, a huge plus. Adult cats are calmer and they are less likely to destroy your favorite sofa and curtains. Cats may already be spayed or neutered. They can be left alone without too much stress and since they probably already know the outside dangers of the home, they are less likely to get into trouble. The biggest advantage to adopting a cat is that you're probably saving a life.

If you are confused about whether you want a long- or short-haired cat, you should keep in mind that grooming that a long-haired cat will take considerably longer. Even thought they maybe beautiful, you will need to keep up with the costs as the grooming is quite expensive. If you are looking at a semi-longhaired cat, then they will also need grooming around a few times a week. So, if you are looking for low costs and hassle free, then you should choose a short-haired cat.

After you have decide on the type of cat you will need to choose the sex. If you already have a cat then choosing a cat of the opposite sex will limit any amount of competition between the cats. You will also need to remember that should you choose to have cats of the opposite sex then they will need to be spayed or neutered. And, this will depend on whether you want a cat to a kitten and whether you want more than one, as there are advantages and disadvantages to all scenarios.

Advantages consist of the kittens having each other for company; so of course, they may not require as much attention from you. The interaction between kittens can be quite amusing. If you decide to get another cat down the road, introducing them to the other cats will be less complicated.

There are though many disadvantages to having numerous cats or kittens - you will find they will get upon top a lot of trouble and the cost of owning multiple cats is considered to be considerably high. If the unfortunate thing happens and one of the cats dies, then you will need to understand the others will be affected. Also, you will need to think about which age of cat will be right for you. Then, after you get your cat, you will see many years of enjoyment.

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