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Information about types of Persian Chinchillas

When you see a cat which is majestic and extraordinary looking you should know that you are looking at a full-blooded Persian cat. These cats have well-built bodies and strong legs with a face which looks punched. They thrive on attention from you if you are a cat lover and also from people who do not like cats.

Persian Chinchilla

The Persian breed of cats is again divided on the basis of some of their characteristics. When you check them closely you will find that there are subtle differences in the color of their body hair. There are some remarkably different features which make the Chinchilla breed stand out.

In'08 with the Chinchilla Cat Club established, the cats started being exported to the United States. To really know and appreciate a Chinchilla Persian cat you need to make sure its a pure-bred cat, and to distinguish whether it surely is a Chinchilla Persian cat or not is to observe the color of its coat since that is the basis on which Persian cats are categorized. The extent of colored hair can vary. For instance a Persian with a black coat, the color would be on only about 1/7th of the hair.

To describe a chinchilla cat you will always find that they have an undercoat of absolutely white hair and the hair on head, tail back and flanks is black on the tips due to which they look as if they have a silver coat. These cats have pure white ear tuffs, chin, chest and stomach whereas their legs have a sprinkling of black.

Theses cats get a glamorous appearance with their dark rimmed eyes which seem as if they are wearing eye makeup. The nose and lips also have black outlines.

The tips of the cats coat are not always black as it is apparent from Silver Shaded cats. You can see amazing array of colors ranging from blue to lilac to chocolate. The Silver Shaded has more shadowing in their coats when you compare them to Chinchilla. It is a pleasure to picture the wonderful outcome of these colors on the coat.

Also there is the Golden Shaded where the primary coat is multi-colored which again is magnificent and a pleasure to see because of the wonderful effect it gives to the coat of the cat. moreover there is a breed known as the Cameo Persian which has some red in the tips of the coat.

The eyes are what the Chinchillas are distinguished with. All the Chinchillas, Golden shaded, Silver shaded and Cameo Persian cats of pure breed will have eyes which are either green or blue green. There is a little difference between the Golden Shaded and the rest of them as far as their rim colors are concerned. While the Golden Shaded would have brown rims around their eyes and nose the rest of them have beautiful dark color rims around their eyes and nose.

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