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Can a cat go to a groomer?

If you have ever been licked by a cat, you know(!!) that cats have an amazing tongue. It sure does feel like sandpaper! This tongue is specially designed to keep their fur looking their best, along with removing, and digesting lose hair. Sometimes the cats own effort isn't quite enough to keep tangles and mats at bay. This is especially true in the spring when cats tend to shed quite a bit, and if the cat is long haired. Sending your cat to a groomer can help to untangle mats, remove large quantities of lose hair while shampooing the cat to make her look and feel her best.

You're going to pay a good amount of money in order to send your cat to the groomers, and your cat will probably not be very pleased about the whole process. There is a variety of services a groomer can do for your cat. Some groomers offer fur trims while other will shave the cats completely with the exception of the head and tail. Most groomers will give cats baths and condition their fur.

Sending your cat to the groomer may be a great time for kitty's nails to be trimmed. Some groomers will even add polish to the claw with bows in the fur of matching colors.

You may now be thinking that anyone trying to put nail polish on your cat would probably need to see a plastic surgeon, and yes, it is true, most cats do not at all enjoy these procedures and may display both fear and anger.

Finding a groomer that has extensive experience with cats is important. Grooming a cat is very different from grooming a dog. A groomer inexperienced with cats can make the visit into a disaster. Groomers used to cats will have the right temperament and be gentle with the cat, while at the same time knowing how to safely restrain kitty while she is being shampooed and getting her manicure.

After you get your soft, sweet smelling cat back home she may be a bit miffed and feeling insecure. Don't be surprised if she hides out for awhile. The beauty parlor experience can be a frightening experience for a cat.

Do all cats need to go to a professional groomer? No, not at all. Most cats are quite self sufficient in the art of keeping themselves clean and beautiful. If you do decide to take your cat to be groomed, be prepared that it may cost a bit and have some extra delicious treats for her in order to get back in her good favor again.

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