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Give your cat a hand with its grooming

You can often spot cat-owners when they pull a lint-roller matter-of-factly out of their backpack to run up and down their clothes, or perhaps when they arrive at work in a dark suit and immediately fasten a strip of tape around their hand and start dabbing at bits of fur on their pants. Shed fur is just a part of life when you live with a cat. However, there are things you can do to improve the situation somewhat.

A lot of basic grooming is taken care of by the cat itself, as it licks the fur to keep it shiny and clean and lying straight. But some cats could use help, even with that. If they shed a lot, the constant grooming can result in hairballs as they swallow massive amounts of fur. And sometimes they can't groom well enough to undo tangles, which lead to uncomfortable mats that just keep growing.

It's also important that you do your part to keeping your cat well groomed. Regular brushing or combing with the right cat grooming tools will not only stimulate the cat's skin, promoting circulation and good fur growth, but it will loosen fur that's ready to shed. You can gather handfuls that might otherwise go into kitty's tummy. And while some cats aren't thrilled about being brushed, others love it so much that they lie down and stretch in ecstasy.

helping your cat with its groomingYet even with frequent brushing, sometimes you will see that mats will form. These can build up in areas where the cat can't easily groom: the base of the tail, the inside of the back legs, and so on. Mats can even form in spots where the cat lies down, for instance, along their left side if they most often lie down on that side.

What should be done about these? They shouldn't just be left to keep growing. Some mats get so tight that they painfully pull the skin, and sores and even infection can develop under and around them. Sometimes you can work them out, and sometimes you have to cut them.

Sometimes, to be safe, it's best simply to visit the vet, and let him or her do the cutting in a secure way. And once that's done, you can pay special attention to keeping that area brushed, so the mats don't form again. Or you can get rid of them sooner, before they get so big.

The main thing is that the cat's fur is maintained in good condition. By combing and keeping it free of tangles, you can help diminish hairballs, promote healthy growth, and give your kitty a beautiful coat it can be proud of.


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Saturday, 17 April 2021

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