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Grooming for Maine Coon cats

I am sure that when you have looked at your Maine Coon Cat, and seen all that fur, you probably wondered will I possibly groom and trim my cat! Now the answer to that may depend on whether or not you intend to "show" your cat or just have a well-groomed cat at home.

If showing your cat is not part of your future plans, then life will be a lot easier for you because Maine Coons are easy to groom and care for, especially if you are keeping them for personal use. Maine Coons are actually very good at self-grooming and they usually do a very good job taking care of themselves.

Assuming you are not planning to show your Maine Coon, there are just only four things that you really need to do on a weekly basis.  The first and most import of these is a good weekly brushing. This will be a key help to your kitty because self-grooming (licking their hair) will be easier, and you will greatly reduce the chance of hairballs with your cat.

Grooming your Maine Coon catSecondly, you need to be aware of the health of your Maine Coon's teeth. Be sure and keep a weekly check on his teeth and gums, and if you see any signs of a problem then you must go and see your veterinarian immediately.  Gum disease, just like in humans, can be serious in all pets and should not be ignored.

Third, if you allow your cat to run outside un-monitored (hopefully not since that is a dangerous habit and creates a really risk to your cat) you will check for fleas and ticks. Fleas can spread not only on your cat but in your house and getting rid of them requires a lot of work.

And fourth, you might want to keep your Maine Coons claws trimmed. This will make the ends of the claws a bit blunter and therefore less lethal. You will find that you don't get scratched as often, and even that your furniture fairs better! Make sure that your kitty has a scratching post to help smooth the ends after you clip his nails.

Now, if you are planning to show your Maine Coon then there is an awful lot more that you will need to do, but in most cases, this is only in preparation for the show, and is not a daily need.

Before a show, your Maine Coon will need a bath. Maine Coon showers have various bathing techniques, all designed to make the fur look clean, well-groomed, and healthy. Maine Coons are very laidback and can be trained to easily tolerate a bath.  Of course, the Maine Coon will be clean, well-groomed, and healthy without a bath but if you want to really stand out at a cat show you really must bathe your cat. After bathing, the Maine Coon is then blown dry with a hair dryer, has his nails clipped, and his face wiped. He should be gently brushed and have his ears cleaned since the judges at a cat show will look closely at all the physical features of your most precious cat.  After all this you will be on your way to an outstanding groomed Maine Coon cat!

Again, unless you are going to show your Maine Coon Cat, you don't have to spend much time at all grooming your them other than the four general tasks mentioned above. Your Maine Coon will take perfect hygienic care of himself.

For more about keeping your Maine Coon healthy check this article on techniques to keep your Maine Coon happy and healthy!

Let us know below what steps you take to keep your Maine Coon cat nicely groomed.  How frequently do you bathe them (if at all).  Do they tolerate it well?  Maybe you could even share some tips or pointers to other owners that are looking to start showing their cat in cat shows!  Good luck with your grooming and cat shows!

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