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Caring for a cat during summer

During hot summer months it is important to take extra care of your cat. Be careful to protect your cat from dehydration. Since your cat is unable to communicate with you, you will have to keep a sharp eye on your pet. Watch for any changes in behavior that may be related to heat. If you aren’t home enough to keep an eye on your cat, make arrangements for cool living conditions so that your cat doesn’t dehydrate and overheat.

Bring your cat indoors when you notice the temperature is rising. Stray cats learn where to keep cool, but your cat is a pet and may not have the instincts to find a cool place to rest. If it does find a cool place, you may not even know where your cat is all day because it will stay there until the sun sets.

Do you have a cat that likes to ride with you wherever you go? Pets like that are great, but make sure you never leave your cat in the car when it is hot. The temperature in your car goes up very quickly in the heat.

Don’t leave your cat in the car even if you are parked in the shade. As the sun moves your car may end up in the sun, or it can get too hot from the sun heated air. A dog barking or panting is a signal to you or passers-by that it is in distress. A cat can’t communicate like that, so get your cat out of the car whenever you get out. A cat can pass out and die in as short as fifteen minutes in a stuffy, hot car.

Groom your cat to keep its fur short to help keep it cool. A good combing will remove shed fur that is hanging on adding a layer of heat insulation. Long-haired cats, like Persians and Siberians, almost leave you with no other option than providing a cooler environment.

Keep clean cool water available for your cat at all times and in all seasons. Your objective is to prevent your cat from dehydrating and getting too hot. Help your cat maintain its body temperature to be comfortable and safe during hot weather.

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