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House cat care tips

House cat care requires some basic understanding of what makes a good home for this feline companion. If you want your house cat around for years to come, the correct diet is essential. To stay happy and healthy, try a consistent feeding schedule. Avoid the pitfalls of unhealthy eating habits by feeding the appropriate food at regular intervals.

Avoid cow’s milk when you feed your cat. Diarrhea is often the result of giving the cat cow’s milk. The only fluid cats really need is fresh water. A cat’s digestive system changes with age, so smaller and easily digested meals are strongly suggested. This change is likely to happen when the cat turns 7, so proteins that are easily broken down are recommended.

Whether it’s moist pellets, tinned or dry food, you can meet the dietary needs of your cat in many ways. You can go for dry food or canned, depending on your preferences. If your cat has any dental problems, you probably want to stay with moist food.

Long hair varieties of cats are not careful groomers, so you may have noticed they can have disgusting hair mats that can get pretty offensive and uncomfortable for the cat. To clean their coats, cats groom with their tongues and teeth. The drawback is that the hair swallowed by the cats when they groom doesn’t break down in their systems.

When hair bunches up in the cat’s stomach and intestines, it forms hairballs. Intestinal blockages can result. To cut down on the amount of hair getting into your cat’s system, try to brush or comb the cat often.

A litter box is required for your house cat. You’ll need to clean out this litter box many time in a day and keep it somewhere in the house that doesn’t get a lot of traffic. Since cats tend to take to the litter box right away, you just need to put them in the litter box and move the loose gravel around a bit so they’ll know what to do.

Be a good detective so that minor problems don’t grow into major problems. If you notice behavioral changes, your cat might be having a serious problem. It’s a good idea to go to a veterinarian if you do note some negative changes. To live a long and healthy life, cats really need periodic checkups and vaccinations from the vet. If you adhere to these guidelines of house cat care, you and your cat will be content together for many years to come!

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