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Worms in cats – feline parasites

Don’t think that because it’s getting warmer, that cat parasites diminish. Let’s face it, our feline are very inquisitive and enjoy interacting with other cats. Unfortunately these interventions create health risks.

One of the main concerns with cats socializing and coming into close proximity with other animal’s feces is worms. Cat worms are easily transmitted through the feces of other cats. It is a difficult situation to avoid, as cats are notorious wanderers, and enjoy socializing as well.

Cat owners have little they can do in the way of prevention if their cat is an outdoors type cat. I have many friends who have cats, and they tell me that they have tried just about everything to keep their cats inside their yards. Unfortunately, most of these cats have wandered out, and developed a form of feline parasites that can be damaging to your cats overall health.

There are several forms of cat worms, and the majority of these are quite destructive. You might have heard you veterinarian mention such parasites as cat tapeworms, cat roundworms, and cat hookworms just to name a few. Some of these types of parasites are more damaging then others, but for the most part, all should have medical intervention.

There are several signs that you might observe if your cat becomes infected with worms. Naturally if your cat is older, or if his or health is compromised to begin with, then the symptoms will be more extreme. Cat owners have reported nausea, vomiting and weight loss, when their cats have become infected with parasites.

Many cat owners believe that if their cats are infected with worms, that they will be visible to the naked eye. Unfortunately this couldn’t be farther from the truth, as some of the parasites are deeply entrenched within the animal, and not physically visible. True, there are instances when the worms will be visible in the anus region, but don’t rely on this for diagnosis.

Cat worms left untreated can cause much damage to your loved pet. Cat worms are still prevalent and must be taken seriously. If you observe any health changes in your cat, seek medical intervention immediately.

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