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Are you ready for an automatic litter box?

The automatic litter box is a great idea and definitely a time saver if you have a busy schedule. Cleaning the litter box is not the most favorite chore in the world but is definitely important if you want your cat to stay happy and to keep using the box.

The automatic litter box is definitely an investment; they are not as cheap as your plain old litter pan so be prepared to spend some money. Here are some important questions to consider if you are debating whether to buy an automatic box:

  • Do you want the freedom to use whichever cat litter you want or purchase whatever is on sale?
  • Do you think your cat will have a problem with switching to a different litter?
  • Are you fine with buying refill cartridges every month?

Remember that owning an automatic litter box does not free you completely from cleaning the litter box; it only lightens your chores. When you opt for an automatic litter box and if you love to cut coupons and buy any old type of litter that is on sale, you will not be able to shop around for those new brands anymore.

Remember, if you try a litter that is not recommended by the manufacturer, you risk the box not functioning properly. If you have no problems buying the same litter and are okay with the price of said litter then that is one less concern you should have that most users complain about.

If your cat is a picky kitty and has an aversion for all things new, such as new types of litter then think about what an impact the box and the new litter might have on her. Some cats have been known to refuse new litters, especially if they are uncomfortable crystals or larger than normal and difficult to walk on.

Do not lose hope on buying that automatic box, however, since manufacturers will always suggest helpful ways to get your cat accustomed to the new box. One last issue to think about is the box maintenance. Even though it is an automatic box you will still need to routinely maintain the box and clean it!

The box will definitely need to be cleaned regularly and cartridges or compartments that hold the poop will need to be either refilled or emptied out (depending on which box you choose). If you purchase a box that needs cartridges replaced every month then consider the extra cost that it will add up to.

It is important to consider these little extras before you make that purchase, and if you still feel the advantages outweigh the extra cost then go for it!

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