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Cat litter boxes: Is one choice better than another?

Choices of cat litter boxes are numerous. Making a decision between them all is not easy to do. But, the primary consideration always has to be your individual pet.

If you already have a litter box, you do need to exercise caution in changing the style as cats can be very particular. However, if you are just getting a cat for the first time or are adding to your pet family, you can opt for something different. Also, if your cat is not using the litter box, it may be because he is not happy with the choice you made.

The main question you need to decide is hooded or unhooded. Many people prefer the hooded boxes. They hide the unsightly urine and feces and also end up with less litter outside the box. However, you need to take care that you are not using the hooded box to cut down on the smell. Litter boxes should be cleaned once or twice a day so there is no smell for either you or your pets.

There are cats that like hooded boxes better as they feel more secure and have more privacy. Other cats can feel too claustrophobic with the hooded boxes. As with all other considerations, it will depend on your cat.

Hooded litter boxes are coming in more and more new designs that are much more decorative than the first models. There are some that are covers that stand up around the box which is a simple pan style. These allow your cat much more room to do his business but still hide the results.

Whatever box you get, be sure that it is sufficiently large for you kitty to turn around easily as well as to cover his business. Cats are very clean and become unhappy stepping in their own feces and urine. For this reason, the box and litter also need to be deep enough for easy covering of droppings.

If you have more than one cat, you need to be sure you have enough boxes. There are some cats that will not go where another has, so you may have to invest in several litter boxes. Ultimately, it is far better than having them go outside them.

With all the choices you have, you will be able to find cat litter boxes that make you and your pets happy. Everyone will be grateful when you made the effort to choose wisely.


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