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Four cat litter box location sites in your home

You’ve heard that in real estate location is everything. This applies equally to your cat’s litter box. Successful, consistent cat litter box habits depend upon several factors, and the litter location is crucial. This article will highlight how you can successfully locate your cat’s litter box to her (and your) satisfaction.

To begin, try to think like a cat. Where would you like to have a cat litter box? Eliminating one’s waste is a vulnerable time. Cats need to feel safe and undisturbed while eliminating. If the cat doesn’t feel comfortable, she’ll seek out a location that satisfies her – but probably not you!

Ideally, you will locate your cat’s litter box in a part of your residence that isn’t heavily trafficked by family members. Some possibilities are:

  • Basement (keep the door open at all times for easy accessibility)
  • Bathroom (this depends upon if you’re comfortable with the set up)
  • Bedroom (consider the noise and smell factor, particularly if kitty does her business at 3 AM!)
  • Closet (a place many feline owners don’t think about, but can be very desirable for kitty)

If your home has a basement, this is often the most advantageous location for everyone. It’s out of the way, you rarely go there, and the smell and mess isn’t intrusive. You do have to remember to visit several times a day to scoop out your cat’s waste production. If the cat litter box is full, your cat will avoid it, and find another spot to do her business.

Many feline owners set up the cat litter box in their bathroom. The tile floor is easy to clean. It’s a room that isn’t occupied except for the essential business, and your cat usually has her privacy to eliminate with grace and dignity. However, if you’re in the middle of your shower, putting on makeup, or otherwise engaged, the cat litter box smell may be something you need to consider.

Your bedroom (or another family member’s) may work well. If the bedroom isn’t occupied around the clock, many cats find this a preferable spot to have a cat litter box. If you consider a bedroom, think about kitty’s bathroom habits. If she has a schedule that causes her to eliminate waste at 3 AM, will that wake you or other family members up? Will the noise and/or the odor interrupt your sleep?

If possible, a closet is a good location for your cat’s litter box. Remember to keep the door open for her to easily gain access. With the confined space, constant litter box scooping is a must to keep the odor to a minimum. Be certain you don’t have any clothes items that hang down far enough to be affected by the litter box or its contents.

Cat owners are resourceful at finding the best locations for the cat litter boxes in their homes. Almost any room will do, although many feline owners tell me they draw the line at having a cat litter box in their kitchen. I can’t blame them, except I have a cat litter box set up in a kitchen alcove in my home. However, it’s far enough away from the main kitchen that it’s not a factor for kitchen hygiene. It’s not my choice; the cats made the decision for me.

When bringing in a new cat, or when relocating to a new residence, work with your cat to determine the best cat litter box location for both of you. Keep in mind with multiple cats, you’ll need to set up more than one cat litter box for maximum use and efficiency.

This article only touches upon some of the possible locations for a cat litter box location in your home. Look around, think like your cat, and I bet you’ll find several locations that satisfies both you and your cat.

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