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Good news for cat owners! Flush the litter!

If you’re fed up of picking up the cat’s litter and marching down the hall to the waste disposal then help is at hand! If the odor is making you sick, then help is at hand! Flushable cat litter provides the answer to these problems. Flushable cat litter is laid in the litter box like ordinary litter. Whenever the cat uses the litter box, you can gather up the flushable litter and flush it down the hatch!

This type of litter is finer than the conventional clumping variety. It is costlier too, if you consider it pound for pound. But you really don’t have to use as much of it as the ordinary variety, and so the usage cost is pretty reasonable. Even if it is not locally available, you can always have it delivered to your doorstep, thanks to Internet shopping!

Both types of litter have more or less the same environmental impact. One goes to a landfill; the other goes to make sewage and wastes water. The best choice is to get a litter that can be composted after having the dried stool removed.

Just be sure you observe your cat’s behavior towards the flushable litter. Cats are creatures of habit and most don’t accept the flushable litter. This acceptance is the key to the whole question of using flushable litter.

If your cat doesn’t accept the flushable litter, it is worth a try to get your cat used to the new variety in a gradual way. Mix a fistful of flushable litter with the clumping clay. See whether Tabby accepts it. If so, go on increasing the quantity day by day, till one day it is 100% of the flushable variety. Don’t flush the mixture down the toilet! When it is 100% of the flushable kind, then and only then can you flush it.

If your cat does not like using the flushable litter, you will have to go on as usual. If Tabby accepts it, then you can say goodbye to that horrible stench, and the walks to the waste receptacle.

The use of either type of litter has a similar impact on the environment. The flushable litter is very convenient and odor-free. Whether you use flushable litter or not depends solely on the cat. If the cat likes it then you are in for an odor-less and convenient experience. Did I hear a “Meow”?

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