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Is silica cat litter a health risk for your cat?

The newest cat litter to hit the market is one that is based on silica. Silica is widely used as a simple drying agent. You’ve seen little sachets of this material in expensive electronic or photographic equipment. The cat’s litter box is laid with the silica litter just about an inch deep.

That is sufficient to absorb all kitty’s waste and especially the foul odor from the litter box. There’s absolutely no smell anymore! Cleaning the litter is also so much easier as all the waste is as dry as a bone!

You need to use very little silica cat litter. For a single cat, you’ll need to lay out one inch of the litter in the box, and this will last for two to four weeks. This saves you the bother of refreshing the cat litter every few days and in some cases everyday. This particular silver lining does have its attendant cloud! The fear is that silica is harmful to your cat’s health and well-being.

Silica is rather like powdered glass. It can be quite rough on your pet’s paws. Not only the bruising it may cause, you should also be aware of the danger that your pet cat may swallow the silica when it cleans its paws. This can have extreme repercussions if taken in large quantities. Even in trace quantities, the silica is likely to accumulate in the cat’s intestines over a sufficient period, which is just as damaging to the cat’s health.

Some owners have an issue with the fact that it is not necessary to re-lay the litter everyday. They say that litter which is not changed for two weeks or more will be a happy hunting ground for bacteria which will adversely impact your cat’s health.

There is no doubt that silica cat litter is superior to the other cat litters available now. Its odor-killing quality alone is sufficient to make it the numero uno cat litter. The application cost is so very low, that even cost conscious pet owners have no reservations in using it. The daily chore of fishing around the litter box for the cat’s droppings is now, no, not pleasant but, simple and bearable. You are spared the sight (and obnoxious smell, phew!) of stomach-turning slimy stuff. You just pick out some ‘stones’ from the litter and carry it off for disposal. Then the chore of refreshing the litter box has been erased from your daily task list. Once or twice a month is like… freedom!

On the minus side, the cost advantage is countered by the fact that the traditional clumping litter works out the same on a long term basis. The second point against silica cat litter is that clumping litter must be refreshed in a couple of days, which makes it healthier for the cat.

Lastly, the cat can be harmed by the silica particles, either by getting bruised or by licking it up. The middle path being the best path you may want to try out a mixed litter, with silica absorbing all that awfully foul odor, and the ordinary clumping to take care of all the criticisms against silica cat litter.

The decision is yours, whether or not to use silica cat litter. The advantages and disadvantages have been set out in this article for your information. Use it to analyze your particular situation. It’s always better to make an informed decision rather than going by ‘buzz’. The mixed litter does seem appealing and worth a try-out. Anything to free the house from that obnoxious stench!

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