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Litter box problems and cat peeing in its food

A common complaint among cat owners is poor litterbox training. If the cat urinates in places other than the litter box, it can cause a great deal of foul odor in the home and be a source of frustration for the cat owner – especially if your cat is peeing in its food bowl.

Many times, poor litter box training can be corrected. The cat owner should try to determine if the lack of litter box training is a behavioral problem that can be corrected or due to a medical condition (cat anxiety).

A dirty litter box is perhaps the most common cause of a cat urinating outside the litter box. Cleaning the litter box or replacing the letter is one of the first things that I can owner should try when correcting a litter box usage problem.

Cats will often refrain from using the litter box if the cat’s food dish is placed in close proximity to the litter box. Cats do not like to soil areas close to their food.

If a household has more than one cat, some of the cats may develop the habit of urinating in a spot other than the litter box. Often, one cat will begin spraying our urinating in a specific spot in the home which will encourage the other cats to also mark that spot. A cat owner needs to thoroughly clean the area in which the cat is urinating to remove the scent that attracts the other cats.

Some litter box problems are due to urinary tract infections and other potentially serious medical conditions. If a cat strains while it urinates or if there is blood in the urine, the cat owner needs to seek veterinary care for the cat since these are common signs of urinary tract infections.

A cat peeing in its food is a problem that some cat owners report. If there is a cat peeing its food, it can be a sign of a traditionally serious urinary tract infection or other illness since cats naturally avoid soiling their food or even the area around their food.

The cat owner should consult the veterinarian if the cat owner has cleaned the litter box and made sure the cat food dishes are in a separate area and the cat urination outside the litter box continues. Even if the cat owner feels that this is a behavior problem, it is better to have the cat checked by the veterinarian to rule out a physical cause for this problem.

Using the litter box as a place of punishment can make the problem worse. If a cat is punished while in the litter box or placed in the litter box as a punishment, the cat only learns that a litter box is a bad place. This could cause the cat to avoid the litter box.

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