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Cat food ingredients you should avoid

Finding nutritious healthy food for your cat is not as easy as it seems. Looking at the beautifully designed bags filled with kibble, along with the enticing text using words such as “wholesome” “nutritious” and “Veterinary Recommended” it can be easy to be put at ease, especially after reading that the very first ingredient is meat!

Many ingredients found in pet food have no business being there. Not only do they have no value whatsoever to the animal, but can be downright detrimental. Their only reason for being in the food is that they are cheap and increase the profit for the company and its shareholders.

The multibillion pet food companies spend both time and effort making people believe that grains are healthy and wholesome in order to sell their food. The truth is that grains are implicated with a long range of chronic, painful, and expensive health problems.

One of the worst ingredients in pet food is corn. It irritates the bowel, is highly allergy-producing and it has a high glycemic index.

What that means is that after the cat eats a meal that contains corn, her blood sugar level rises. Cats have different metabolic pathways than humans do, and do not have the necessary enzymes to handle the onslaught of sugar in their bloodstream. While humans get their energy from sugar, cats get their energy from animal protein.

While the diet of a wild cat contains approximately 3-5% carbs, many commercial kibbles contain 30-60% carbs. 10-20 TIMES the normal amount.

A cat eating kibble will have a blood sugar spike after its meal. Cats, having again a very different way of metabolizing food, do not release insulin in response to a high carb content meal like we do. They release insulin in response to eating meat.

Constant spikes in blood sugar levels are taxing vital organs such as the liver and kidneys and taxing the endocrine system. The end result is not infrequently insulin-dependent feline diabetes.

Corn also helps make your cat obese. Cats do not register full after eating carbs. They register full after eating protein. A cat eating food with high grain content will have to eat a lot more in order to consume enough protein to register fully.

Finding grain-free food for your pet should be on the top of your list. Today there are grain-free canned foods and even grain-free kibble.

A grain-free food for your dog or cat will make a real improvement in their health.

Here is some additional information on just how good gourmet cat food really is.

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