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Is your cat under the weather? Homemade cat food may help!

When it comes to considering what is the right kind of food to feed your cat there are a number of different choices you have available to you. You can either feed it the cheap commercial foods that come in packs or tins, or you can go the commercial organic cat food route, which can prove to be a little more expensive. But if you really want to feed your cat good wholesome food then why not prepare homemade cat food instead.

Below we look at some of the benefits that can be gained from preparing your own cat food rather than buying the commercial type. It is important that if you are considering changing your pet’s diet you should include in its meals sufficient amounts of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that its body needs. Cats must have meat to live, their bodies require it.

When deciding to make changes to your cat’s dietary habits make these changes very slowly. The easiest way of doing this is by adding a small amount of the homemade cat food to what it is currently eating. Then each day you reduce the amount of its old dietary foods and replace with the new homemade ones.

One of the best benefits to be gained from you preparing the meals that your cat eats is that you have more control over its content. Therefore, because cats require a large amount of protein in their diet you will be able to ensure that sufficient amounts of this are included within their diet.

As well as controlling what goes into your cat’s food you are also controlling just how much it eats. By ensuring that you prepare the food correctly, you can choose just how many calories your pet is consuming on a daily basis. If you have a cat, which is extremely active, then it will need more calories to provide the energy required, compared to a cat that is inactive.

Another benefit to be gained from you preparing homemade cat food for your pet rather than buying the commercial products is that it will contain all the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins that its body needs. Plus it allows you to provide them with additional vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C that their bodies are unable to produce naturally unlike a dog’s.

A time saving issue is that you can actually prepare your cat’s food at the same time as you prepare your own. If you want to really save time, then prepare a batch of its food which you can then freeze or refrigerate and then defrost or bring up to room temperature when required.

I know sometimes its easier to grab a can of cat food from the shelf instead of making a fresh homemade batch. However, there are very easy recipes that don t take much time to prepare and are cheap as well.

The homemade cat food recipe you select should be easy for you to prepare 15 minutes or less, nutritionally balanced and delicious to your cat.

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