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Adventure Kitty: Top Tips for Traveling With Your Cat

Traveling with your cat is a great way to let them interact with new sights, smells, and surroundings. However, the top priority should always be their safety and comfort; if you’re going to travel with your cat, you need to do it right. Here are our top tips for your adventure kitty.


Strap Them In: Choosing the Right Harness

If you want to take your cat outside with you, you’ll first need to harness train them. Cats can’t wear leashes on collars as dogs do; their throats are soft, so attaching a leash to their collar could seriously hurt them. That said, we recommend also getting your kitty a breakaway collar with their name and your contact information, just in case.

The most important factor when choosing a harness is to make sure they can’t escape from it. Cats are sneaky, and if they can squirm out of a harness, they will. If your kitty is able to sneak a paw or two out, it’s not a good fit.

There are many different styles. My cat was able to escape from an H-harness (named for its shape), so I personally recommend a vest harness. Regardless, you should be able to fit two fingers between the harness and their body, but the cat should not be able to wriggle any paws free. Before taking them outside, remember to harness train your cat.

Load Them Up: Pick a Cat Backpack

Cat backpacks give you options, plain and simple. They make it easier to take your kitty around town, on hikes, and even in the car. Some cat backpacks are designed to strap into a car seat, doubling as a car carrier. Plus, it lets your kitty see outside in a safe environment.

Pack Their Bags: Select Their Travel Gear

You’ve got options for your adventure kitty here. Buying the right gear makes traveling with your cat much easier, but it isn’t strictly necessary. We recommend a collapsible food and water dish, as they take up less space. For long drives, you’ll also need a portable litter box—we recommend one that zips closed.

Most importantly, bring a copy of your cat’s vaccination records. If you need to take them to the vet for any reason, the doctors will need to know what vaccines your kitty is up to date on.

Handle the Aftermath: Clean Up Your Car

Even the sweetest kitties make messes just by sitting in your car. If you let your cat out of their carrier during a drive, you’ll want to clean up the area they were sitting to get any cat hair off your seats and carpets. Clean up any accidents from upset tummies right away to prevent staining.

Spend a little time cleaning the interior of your truck; your passengers with cat allergies will thank you.

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