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Cats and Cables: Tips To Stop the Chewing

If you’ve got a cat and a house full of cords, you’ve likely faced the experience of coming home to find your cables shredded. This is a common, frustrating, and expensive problem to have with your feline. Fortunately, there are several effective tips to stop your cat from chewing your cables. By focusing on your cat’s behavior and making your home cat-friendly, you can enjoy a more peaceful coexistence with your furry friend.

Play With Your Cat Often

Oftentimes, cats chew cables because of boredom or pent-up energy. When you keep them entertained with exciting activities, they are less likely to seek amusement with your electrical cords. That’s why you should make time each day for interactive play sessions using the best cat toys for indoor cats. Both you and your cat will appreciate the positive change!

Provide Things Your Cat Should Chew

Instead of letting your cat munch on your expensive gadgets, encourage them to chew on appropriate items. Offer them a variety of chew toys specifically designed for cats, such as felt critters and cat grass. These toys satisfy their need to chew and may divert their attention away from your cables.

Pro Tip

Keep these chew toys accessible around the house for quick and easy redirection.

Buy Durable Cables

If you can’t stop or redirect the chewing, you can help your cables defend themselves by investing in more durable varieties. For example, when looking at braided vs. non-braided cables, know that braided cables are generally tougher and more resistant to cat teeth. They might cost a bit more, but the investment is worth it to avoid frequent replacements.

Wrap Cables in Foil

Cats dislike the texture and sound of aluminum foil. Therefore, wrapping your cables in foil can deter them from chewing. This simple hack is both cost-effective and easy to implement. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing solution, but it can work until you manage to curb the behavior.

Address Potential Anxieties in Your Cat

Sometimes, cable-chewing is a sign of underlying stress or anxiety. Therefore, you might be able to stop the habit by creating a calmer environment for your cat.

Consider using calming pheromone sprays or diffusers and ensure your cat has plenty of cozy, quiet spots to relax.

Pro Tip

Consult your vet if you believe anxiety is driving your cat’s destructive chewing habits. Your vet might be able to prescribe your cat anxiety medication that will improve their quality of life—and save your cables.

Dealing with chewed-up cables is a problem for cat owners everywhere. Providing regular playtime, chew toys, durable cables, aluminum foil, and anxiety management are all essential tips to stop your cat from chewing your cables. Be patient—you will eventually find a solution!

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