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Cat trees

If you are sick of your cat crawling along your furniture and leaving tufts of fur all over the place, you may need to invest in cat trees. Cat trees are usually multi-level platforms that cats can climb on or play on. Generally, they are made of wood and other sturdy materials and are covered in heavy-duty carpet. Some have portions wrapped in sisal rope, to act as scratching posts as well as cat trees to climb and perch on.

cat trees

Many consider cat trees a great way for an active cat to have his or her own play area. Being able to crawl through tunnels, into a hole, or climb up the levels of cat trees often keeps kittens entertained. It also makes many cats happy to have a perch that is high off the ground where they can curl up, or watch the world below.

But, in addition to being just a nice piece of furniture and play area for your cat, cat trees can help reduce the amount of fur that is making its way onto the rest of your furniture. There are two ways this happens.

First, the less time your cat spends on your furniture, the lower the amount of fur that will come off on your furniture. By giving your feline cat trees to climb and roost on, you will lower the amount of time your cat wants to spend on your furnishings, because he or she will prefer to be on the cat trees you purchased.

Secondly, the carpet used on cat trees often helps to brush your cat. Since heavy-duty carpets are used in the creation of cat trees, this material is a bit rougher than any of the upholstery than will be on your furnishings. In many cases, this course material will almost act like a brush, helping to work the loose fur out of your cat's coat and trap it in the carpeting material.

It's very important that you regularly clean the cat trees to remove this fur. If you don't, the cat trees may start to smell, and your cat will not want to be on them. That means he will end up back on your furniture, dropping fur again. Also, the more fur that is matted into the carpet, the less ability the carpet has to remove new fur.

To remove, you can either roll your hand firmly along the cat trees to get the fur to ball up and then remove it, or use your cat brush on the material to scrape up the excess fur. It may take a little trial and error, but you will be able to find a system that works for you.

A final way to keep some of that cat fur out of your furniture is to brush your cat regularly. Many people think of brushing their dog, but pass over this idea on cats, thinking they are clean enough on their own. Brushing cats can help to remove that extra fur that didn't rub off on the cat trees. You should start brushing your cat as a kitten and make it a regular part of his routine.

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