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5 Warm-Weather Activities To Do With Your Dog

Summer is the best time of the year to bond with your dog. Not only is it an excellent time to train, but there are so many summer activities you can do together. With that in mind, knowing your pup’s limits is imperative before you start planning out your summer. Check out these five warm-weather activities to do with your dog and make this summer one to remember.

Go for a Swim

Most dogs love water! They’ll jump right into the pool or lake and run through the sprinklers in your yard. Swimming allows you to get some exercise and find relief from the summer heat. Whether you purchase a small pool for both of you or take them to a dog-friendly beach, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy playing in the water together.

Pack a Picnic

A picnic is a perfect chance to get together with your friends who also have four-legged friends. Your dogs can play together while you catch up with friends and enjoy a meal in nature. Whether you meet at a dog-friendly park or in your backyard, having a picnic with your pup is endless fun. Don’t forget to bring plenty of dog treats so they don’t feel left out from the festivities!

Take a Camping Trip

Taking your dog camping is fun for both of you. While it might require more preparations to take the pup, it’ll be worth it to enjoy hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities together. Be sure to consider the dos and don’ts of taking your pup camping before leaving!

Go Kayaking or Canoeing

Believe it or not, many dogs love kayaking and canoeing. It’s an excellent way to relax, enjoy the water, and spend quality time together. However, you should do some patience and balance training with your dog on land before taking them out on the water to ensure you’re both prepared for the unpredictable movement of the vessel.

Make Dog-Friendly Ice Cream

When it’s sweltering outside, you probably like to treat yourself to some ice cream. By making dog-friendly ice cream at home, your pup can enjoy some too! Never use a recipe that calls for chocolate, nuts, coffee beans, or any other ingredients that might be harmful to dogs. When in doubt, vanilla ice cream with a dog biscuit is the perfect doggie dessert!

With these five warm-weather activities to do with your dog, you can make it a perfect summer full of bonding experiences with your best friend. No matter what you do, prioritize safety while spending quality time together.

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