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Dog apparel – Is there a need for your canine to wear clothes?

Most dog owners would agree that dogs do not need to wear clothes, since they were born with a built in fur coat. Why defy nature?  Other dog owners maintain that their dogs need to wear clothes, since they will feel cold in cold weather like human do. Why denied them the apparel to keep them warm. And then there are those other dog owners who just dress their dog to look fashionable and cute, simply for their own delight.

In spite of all the different opinions, there are however real reasons to consider making your dog wear clothes. Modern dogs do not have to endure the ravages of nature as they did back in the days of wolf packs, so our pet dogs have become accustom to the same climate controlled environment we enjoy.

Today, even veterinarians agree that domesticated dogs physiology has evolved and adjusted to human environmental standards, therefore they do need extra protection from the cold as much as their human counterparts. If you are trying to decide if your dog needs clothes apparel in the practical sense, a good indicator is the type of dog breed and the environment you live in.

Obviously dog clothes are not a must to every dog breed living in warm climate. It is typically in these warm climates that dog owners only dress their dog in fashionable little outfits. Owners of small dogs and dogs without a lot of fur living in a cold climate may choose to put their dog in some sort of clothing.

For example, small breeds like Chihuahuas lose heat quickly and easily, so a sweater would be essential in rainy or cooler climates. In areas where the weather is bitterly cold, a sweater and insulated dog booties may be required. The best bet during these bitter cold months, however, is to keep your small dog indoors.

Dogs that have had medical treatments that result in the loss of fur will often need at least some protection from the weather until their fur grows back. This also applies to dogs that have been shaved for agility and show reasons.

Large dogs that have short hair, such as a Great Dane, may need a shirt or a sweater in cold climates. There are several online stores that specialize in custom dog clothes and these would be the best bet for purchasing clothes for large dog breeds.

Some dog breeds that are acclimated to living in cold conditions do not need clothes at all even in extremely cold weather. Examples of such breeds that enjoy the cold are the Siberian Husky, Great Pyrenees and the Saint Bernard. Besides, putting clothes on a large dog that is used to being outdoors would be plain silly – they would get too hot and get heat stroke easily! The only type of clothing these dogs might need would be insulated booties if they spend long periods of time outdoors.

Some dog owners may have the opinion that dressing your dog in clothes is cruel and defying nature; however, under practical circumstances such as during bitter cold winter time, putting apparels on your dog could keep them comfortable, warm and even save their life.

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