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Dog collars and leashes

Every dog owner must have a dog collar and leash for they treasured companion. With the huge pet supply market available today, there are dog collars and leashes ranging from very inconspicuous, plain ones to absolutely gorgeous, extravagant ones that make people stare. Because we love our treasured pets so much, we want to give them the best that we can afford. We can make our dogs look stylish, unique, cute or fashionable with a new dog collar and leash. Along with being fashionable, dog collars have a practical use, which is holding your pet’s identification tags.

This is extremely important if your dog ever gets lost as the identification tag gives information such as your pets name, your name, full address, telephone number and even veterinarians name and phone number. You can attach the dog’s rabies tag and if the pet has medical problems, a tag with its medical conditions.

Make sure when shopping for a dog collar it is the perfect fit for your pet. Any collar needs to be safe and comfortable so measuring for a collar is extremely important. With the tape measure around your pet’s neck, insert two fingers under it, take this measurement and add a couple of inches. Dog collars usually come in even number sizes such as eight inches, ten inches etc. If your dog’s neck measures nine inches, go the next size up. The collars come in a variety of widths and fastening devices so make an educated, smart decision when choosing a collar.

Just as we wear different jewelry or clothes on occasions, your dog can have a wide variety of fabulous collars and leashes. Never use a wide collar, as it will irritate your dog’s throat. Make sure that the collar and leash are strong enough to hold your pet safely if he sees something to chase after.

Buckle dog collars are usually rolled or flat and made of leather, nylon or cotton. You adjust these collars to fit your pets neck, but they do not tighten, once on. Round collars are great because they do not break the dog’s hair or chafe.

Breakaway collars, invented to keep a dog from choking if their collar catches on something, releases when yanked hard. This is a wonderful safety feature that saves many dogs lives. When used with a lease, the breakaway collar stays fastened.

Greyhound limited slip collars or limited slip collars are great for dogs that pull out of their collars. They are a cross between quick-release collars and slip collars. These adjustable collars tighten when the dog pulls but do not choke the dog.

Some of the other wonderful collars and leashes on the market are:

·Rhinestone studded collars and leashes

·Reflective collars and leashes

·Collars and leashes with paws, hearts and other patterns

·Studded leather collars

·Collars available in all colors

·Personalized collars with your pets name

No matter what type of collar or leash you select for your pampered companion, from very inexpensive to shockingly costly, your pet’s safety comes first.

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