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Halloween dog costumes

Your pet dog is an integral part of your family and as Halloween is knocking at the door, you can make your dog feel special by dressing him up on this occasion. You can either make a full costume or just the headpiece of the costume as your pet might not be too keen in wearing the complete costume. Given are some ideas on Halloween dog costumes that you can start preparing from today in order to make your dog look best for the upcoming event.

The very first of all dog costumes in our list is the ‘hot dog’ costume. In order to prepare this Halloween costume for your pet, the following things will be needed- tan colored lightweight foam for the hot dog buns, glues, scissors, felts for adding on the ketchup and mustard and at last but not the least, a dog harness for helping your dog manage this costume. The first step requires you to cut out buns from the foam.

The hot dog bun should be cut according to the length of your pet’s shoulder and therefore it would be better to measure your dog first. After preparing the bun, round of the edges of the foam using a scissor and then carefully glue it to t he side of the harness. The dog harness is the essential part of this costume as it would help to keep the costume in place.

The next one is the bumble bee dog costume and for making it we will need, yellow dog t-shirt or yellow colored fabric, black and yellow felt, two Styrofoam balls or two pom poms, glue, scissors and two pipe cleaners. The first step in preparing this costume is cutting the yellow fabric according to your dog’s measurement in order to make a cape that can be tied to your dog’s neck. You can also use yellow dog t-shirt for making the body of the bumble bee.

Cut thin black stripes for making the bee stripes and then attach it to the yellow cape or t-shirt with glue. Create a cap for your dog by gluing the rest of the black felt according to the measurement of your canine friend’s head. Attach two pipe cleaners to the hat and then pom poms or the Styrofoam balls to the other end of the pipe cleaner for making the antenna.

Now for your female pet, here is an idea on making the perfect princess dog costume. The one and only costume piece of this Halloween costume is the head piece. The materials required for preparing this costume are- construction paper as needed, elastic band, silk, Georgette or any kind of shimmery fabric, scissors and glues.

The first step is to measure the size of your dog’s head and make a cone out of the construction paper according to that. You can either keep the cone bare or wrap it with silk or other glittery and shimmery fabric. Then cut and then glue the fabric to the cone so that it would flow like a train.

In order to keep the cone snugly fit to your canine friend, add the elastic bang with glue or with stapler. Voila! The Princess Dog Costume is completed.

Now for the easier dog costumes for Halloween. You can dress your dog as a cowboy by simply placing a small cowboy hat on the top of his head and by tying around a bandanna on his neck. The costume can be completed by using a toy gun holster to complement his cowboy image. Another easy Halloween dog costume idea is using baby bonnet and dress to make your pet look like a baby.

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