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How to build dog kennels

How to build dog kennels is not difficult if the dog owner follows a few easy instructions. When building a dog kennel, the owner can create a plan for a dog kennel that will meet the needs of the owner and the dog.

Some well-meaning dog owners have been suspected of animal neglect or cruelty by having improper housing for their dogs. In one case in Pennsylvania, an overwhelmed dog owner stacked crates for her numerous dogs which let to horribly unsanitary conditions.

Before building a homemade dog kennel, the dog owner should check for any local laws or regulations that set standards for outdoor dog kennels. In some municipalities, outdoor dog kennels may be banned completely.

Common instructions for how to build a dog kennel begin with planning the dimensions and materials for the dog kennel. The sizes of the dog, doghouse, and desired opening to the kennel should be considered when planning the dimensions.

As for materials, there are many options. Some dog owners use regular chain link fencing for the walls of the dog kennel. The height of the walls should ensure that the dog will be secure.

The posts for the fencing material should be well secured. This can be done by sinking the posts into concrete.

For the floors of the dog kennel, some dog owners use concrete, wood, or the ground. The ground should only be used if the dog owner is sure that the dog will not dig under the walls of the dog kennel.

If concrete or wood is used, the floor can be built on a slight slope. This allows the dog owner to spray off the floor with a house as a quicker cleaning.

The location of the dog kennel ideally provides the dog with areas of shade and areas of direct sunlight. If no sources of shade are located nearby, the dog owner may want to create an area of shade by having a partial roof on the kennel.

Securing the door with a metal latch prevents the dog from being able to escape the enclosure. Tying the door shut with a rope may seem like an easy solution, but as the rope wears, the dog may be able to stretch it enough to escape.

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