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Protective dog clothing for your active dog

You’ll want to use protective dog clothing to keep your active dog safe and warm when adventuring in the great outdoors. The right dog clothing will go a long way in protecting your dog from cuts, scratches and severe weather conditions.

Protective dog clothing like dog coats, vests, and dog booties are important for more than one reason. The main function of dog clothing, like our own clothing, is to keep your dog dry and warm when the weather turns stormy and cold.

But many people take advantage of the newer styles of dog clothing that incorporate safety features like reflective materials stitched into the outfits. They help to make your dog much more visible when the weather darkens the sky. This is an important safety consideration for the dog that is active outdoors.

And if you take your dog hunting or hiking through the woods, she’ll really appreciate the protective features of dog clothing designed specifically for active dogs. Even the most user-friendly trails through the park are usually somewhat overgrown at the edges with sharp sticker bushes and splintering bramble.

When planning our outdoor activities we put a good deal of thought into packing all sorts of protective clothing that we’ll need to keep ourselves dry, warm and comfortable throughout our trip.

But are we leaving our canine friends out in the cold? Since many of our dogs look so well protected in their natural fur coats, most people never consider that they too could benefit from protective dog clothing. There are times when the cold weather or sharp thorns penetrate even the thickest of coats.

Just like us, if our dogs are left unprotected for extended periods of time they can suffer the chilling effects of the elements . . . losing their body heat at an accelerated rate.

So before your next outing, consider packing some protective clothing for your canine pal too!

Tips For Selecting Dog Coats, Vests, & Dog Booties

A good fit is essential. Dog clothing like a dog coat, vest or dog boots must fit well so that it will remain securely in place throughout an active day of hunting or hiking.

You’ll want a dog coat that will protect your dog from the elements and rough brush found on hunting and hiking trails.

How sensitive to the elements your dog is will depend a great deal on the weather conditions, how much time he spends outside and the type of coat he has.

Shorthaired breeds tend to be more sensitive to direct rain and cold. Whereas the fur of thick-coated breeds are more prone to absorb lots of water.

The coat that you choose must be designed to keep your dog warm while providing protection from wind and rain. When it’s windy and cold outside, fleece dog clothing will definitely help keep your pooch toasty warm.

But remember fleece alone is not the best choice for trail conditions. It won’t provide much protection from the rain and it won’t stand up very well against the rough brush on the trails.

A dog coat with a combination of a warm fleece lining and a durable nylon shell will provide maximum protection and will help maintain your dog’s core body heat.

If there’s a chance that you’ll be taking your dog into a cold and rainy environment it’s probably a good idea to pack a raincoat, too.

And if you choose a dog coat that covers the underside of your dog, make sure that it’s designed to give your dog enough room to do his business.

Your dog’s jacket will also provide some protection from thorns and burrs. Dog owners with thick-coated or longhaired breeds will find this a very nice bonus. Removing burdocks from fur is no picnic!

Dog clothing designed for the active hound should allow your dog to enjoy a full range of motion. So make sure the leg openings will not restrict your dog’s movement.

Also, look for garments designed with clean lines that are less likely to get caught on things. A well-fitting garment designed for the shape of your particular breed is best.

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