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The value of a dog leash

Dog Owners should understand the importance of containing their dog on a leash. A leash protects your pet from the dangers of the outside world. Regardless of what breed of dog you own, an unsupervised pet can get in trouble. Most pet owners treat their pets like children, and just like a young child should not be outside without boundaries, neither should a dog.

There are so many distractions outside that could cause a dog to wonder off. The sound of diesel engines, especially delivery trucks and motorcycles cause a reaction. They not only continually bark, but many time chases after the vehicle. This is dangerous to the driver and also having your pet in the street is another danger.

Other distractions that may tempt your dog to leave the yard are wildlife. Birds, squirrels, rabbits and deer can make an otherwise trained dog to abandon their manners and chase the animal especially dogs that are bred for hunting. It only takes a brief moment and your dog is gone and they might be too far away to hear you call or whistle. If they return uninjured, they often times have rolled in something quite foul. Additionally, on garbage days, they might stop and dig in a garbage can or two which will make neighbors a little agitated.

As you can see, allowing your dog to freely roam the neighborhood can annoy your neighbors, especially if your dog makes a habit of relieving themselves or dig on their lawn. Often times a dog will attempt to play with neighboring children but the young child sees the dog as aggressive and a chase develops. Even though the dog is playing, the child does not see it as such and may get hurt as they try to run away from the dog.

Even if your dog is not aggressive, a stranger might approach the pet to read a dog tag or a young child sees a cute dog and hugs the dog and the dog nips or bites. This is a devastating situation for everyone: the injured, the owner and the confused dog. The pet owner is responsible.

A fenced in yard is a secure place for dogs to run leash free. For pet owners who have limited space or just don’t have a fence, go to a Dog Park. Dog Parks are a perfect place for dogs to play and socialize with other dogs and exercise in a fenced in area. Dog Parks are popping up in most townships. To locate a Dog Park in your area, contact your municipality or ask your veterinarian.

Dog owners know that taking care of your dog is a huge responsibility, but it is your responsibility. Dogs must be monitored or leashed at all times. Putting your dog on a leash is an quick solution to keep your dog safe.

Dog Leashes come in many sizes and styles. For those who live in the city, 4 foot leashes are great; hands free dog leashes are ideal when exercising with your dog, couplers are made for walking multiple dogs; retractable leashes present your dog with a little more freedom; and a 6 foot leash is usually sold in one inch and 5/8 widths and will hold most dogs.

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