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10 things to look for in a dog breeder

When you are looking for a purebred puppy you are likely to be overwhelmed with the number of kennels and breeders advertising on the internet, in local papers, and even in dog magazines and publications. While anyone can develop an advertisement, set up a web page or stick up a for sale sign, just having puppies for sale doesn’t make the person a reputable breeder.

There are two basic types of breeders, those that are in it for the love of the dogs and the enhancement of the breed and those that are simply in it for the money. The first type of breeder is really the only one that you should consider. Breeders that seem to have unlimited number of puppies of various varieties are very rarely conscientious breeders, rather they are running puppy mills, which simply breed dogs for the sake of selling puppies.

Not only are these breeders likely to breed any purebred dogs together to create a litter but they are often cruel and abuse towards the adult dogs, often not seeking vet assistance or even vaccinating and maintaining their dogs in even close to adequate conditions. Usually these puppy mills or puppy farms will provide poor quality puppies that are not close to breed standards for shows, but also contribute to worsening genetic conditions that plague breeds for many generations.

A good quality, reputable breeder is easy to spot. Look for a breeder that:

· Only breeds a very few types of dogs and is knowledgeable on the various breeds he or she raises.

· Only pre-sells litters. This means that the puppies are all sold before they are born. Often these breeders will have waiting lists to get puppies because they put the female dogs health first, not the dollar value of the puppies. Reputable breeders will only let a female have one litter a year or possibly one litter every two years.

· Interviews you and has you complete a questionnaire or application before agreeing to sell you a puppy. This may include questions on your income, people in your home, size of your home or even if you have other pets.

· Has a good reputation with other breeders in the area. This usually means being registered as a breeder with the local or national breed registries as well as the Kennel Club for the country.

· Allows and encourages you as the prospective owner to tour their facilities and see the adult dogs and litters they may have on hand.

· Keeps clean, well-ventilated and spacious kennels with happy and healthy adult dogs.

· Interacts well with all the dogs in the kennel and knows the dogs by name. Watch how the dogs interact with the breeder. Are they happy to see him or her or do they appear nervous or timid?

· Offers litter registration papers as well as all paperwork required for AKC, CKC, KC or other registration.

· Provides information on the championship lines of the parents as well as vet certificates and genetic condition test results.

· Provides a health guarantee for the puppy.

A reputable breeder will be happy to work with new owners and will often be a great source of advice and information on the breed. Most breeders will require new owners agree to spay or neuter the puppies and will require proof of the procedure at the appropriate age.

There are wonderful, caring and loving breeders in most areas that can help you find just the puppy to meet your needs. Do some research and find the breeder that you want to work with when getting the puppy of your dreams.

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