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All About American Eskimo Dogs

I know that you find American Eskimo dogs so irresistibly cute with all that fluffy hair and stuff! And he can be a real charmer too, since American Eskimo dogs are naturally very friendly, playful, and devoted, which no doubt you’ll find a very pleasing trait for an incredibly cute dog. But, do you really know all there is to know about American Eskimo dogs? Read more to find out!

American Eskimo dogs originate from arctic regions, accounting much for their fluffy fur. A member of the Spitz dog family, American Eskimo dogs have a similar temperament to the Siberian husky and the Malamute in their playful nature but possess more intelligence and thus have higher trainability than their arctic cousins. American Eskimo dogs are also very friendly, pack-oriented dogs that are devoted to every family member and suspicious of strangers. For that they make excellent family guard dogs, barking to announce strangers but won’t attack.

These traits make American Eskimo dogs highly suited as companion dogs. Their friendly temperament compounded with their high trainability factor makes them highly prized dogs as family pets. And because they are exceedingly cute, and their hair requires substantial brushing to keep it looking at its absolute best.  They are top-notch choices for first-time owners, even those with children, and provide companionship or can function quite well as therapy dogs.

American Eskimo dogs, like most dogs of the polar region, require a degree of exercise or playing, especially when pups where they tend to be so playful with in-exhaustible energy. And the transition from pups to full-grown dogs tends to be slow, so the burden of constant outdoor activities can be a burden for some. But this aspect could be a beneficial factor, giving an own reason enough to start their own exercise program with their lovable pet!

The amount of hair on American Eskimo dogs can be a problem. It requires cleaning for one. Though normally American Eskimo dogs are adapted to colder climates thus having a lesser promotion to “doggy sweat” smell, they will still stink enough with dirt easily adhering to their coats. The fur underneath their eyes can stain too with a tear stain if not cleaned regularly. The routine to keep a clean American Eskimo dog is to shampoo them at least once a week interspersed with coat brushing.

With regards to ticks and fleas, the amount of hair on American Eskimo dogs can be a problem also. Their long hair means a bigger habitable environment for fleas, so an anti-flea shampoo should be routinely used aside from regular shampoos the dog may use.

Lastly, with white fluffy hair, and a red lapping tongue, few other dogs can be as cute as an American Eskimo dog at play. And playing is what they like best. So make sure if you’re bringing home an American Eskimo dog, you’re ready to spend some quality play-time with him.  You’ll be so glad you did and so will your dog!

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