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All about black Labradors

When it is time to start considering getting a new dog for your home, you want to go over all of your options and really think about what qualities are important to you. If you want a dog that is loyal, dedicated, smart and gentle, then the Black Labrador may be the perfect choice for you and your family. They are quickly becoming one of the more popular breeds to own because they are so great in a house environment and do very well with people.

As it is, this breed of dog is one of the most popular dogs being used by police and other types of government bodies. These dogs serve as wonderful detectives and have a high working ability and never give up easily. These dogs are not only great for work but also for families as they are very gentle, intelligent, and they have a wonderful good nature about them. But, this breed must be trained on the basics of housebreaking because if left undone, they can become very boisterous.

All of the Labrador types seem to be excellent choices when it comes to finding a dog that would be a great match in your home. But Black Labradors and the other colors all grow to become pretty hefty dogs with the females being slightly smaller then their male counterparts. The males tend to grow to be between sixty-five and eighty pounds in weight and the female end up being somewhere between fifty-five and seventy pounds. Either way you look at it, these are not small dogs and you really have to watch for them gaining too much weight.

Their look is distinctive with their straight tail being able to give a nice strong slap it if you get too close to it. Their short hair is very smooth and it almost seems to be waterproof when going for a quick swim. It is also said that their strong and straight tail acts as a perfect rudder as when they swim, the tail helps them change direction. This breed is certainly one that is recommended by many people for their looks and personality.

When a family is considering Black Labradors as their possible choice for a pet, there are still more things to love about them then what has already been mentioned. This breed is an extremely gentle breed despite its size so they make a great addition to a home that has children.

They are also not very aggressive or territorial like some other breeds and this is great because those things can cause trouble from time to time. Also, the owner needs to keep in mind to watch their personal belongings, as this dog does like to chew. But, as long as proper training is given, this habit will cease.

Also, another factor to consider is that females are a little bit more independent than their male counterparts. And at maturity being reached around three years of age, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the puppy energy that they will most certainly show off.

Also, in order to keep your pet at a safe weight, you really need to watch how much the dog eats because they will eat and eat until they become obese.

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