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American Bulldog: The minimally tampered breed of the Bulldogs

The American Bulldog is one of the favorite pet breeds of the bulldog family not only in the US but around the world as well. Its relatives are the bull baiting breeds of England during 18th century and it holds to be the closest relative of the extinct Old English Bulldog. In Europe, bulldogs were heavily altered but the American Bulldog remained the same as when it originally appeared.

This breed has two types: the Johnson type and the Scott type. The developers of these types were famous breeders John D. Johnson and Allen Scott. Moreover, the other names for the types are Classic or Bully type and the Standard or Performance type.

Often, the American Bulldog is confused for a white Boxer as they both hold similar features. Describing the former, however, it gives off a body that looks strong, well-built, muscular and stocky and its jaw possesses great strength. The weight of this breed ranges from 60 to 125 pounds while the height goes between 20 and 28 inches.

Commonly, the coat of this breed is smooth, short, and is a light to moderate shedder. It often appears in colors of solid white, solid white with black markings, red, brown, brindle and fawn. Brown is the standard eye color while the mouth drools especially on dogs that have looser lips.

The Johnson type, compared to the Scott type has bigger and heavier body and shorter muzzle. The Scott type is simply described as a leggier and bigger Pit Bull. In general, the American Bulldog breed is more agile, has longer legs, and is faster than its English relatives.

The disposition of this breed is happy and amiable and it is comfortable with the presence of other people so long as they don’t pose a threat. This breed also bonds strongly with the master and gets along well with other dog breeds and animals given that it is trained at an early age. Avoid neglecting this breed because it tends to adapt problematic behaviors if not cared for properly.

This breed is developed as a highly energetic working dog that’s why it needs constant activities in order to utilize its excess energy. A house with a big and unconfined yard is best for this dog’s daily activities. This dog also needs regular exercise such as walking or running as this will help him remain healthy mentally and physically.

The ancestors of the American Bulldog are the bull baiting breeds from England. As bull baiting died out, breeders developed gentler, tamer, and friendlier versions of the fighter dogs. These breeds were then brought to the United States where they were further developed and one of the results is the current American Bulldog.

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