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Breeders offer Beagle puppies for sale

When families are looking for the ideal pet, they may want to consider
the beagle for its size, disposition and ability to get along with
others, including people. Provided they are appropriately socialized as
puppies, the beagle is considered an excellent pet for families with
small children. They make friends easily and once they feel as though
they fit into the human family, they are exceptionally loyal.

Their seemingly unlimited energy does require sufficient exercise and
for that, they will need room to run. Having a large area for the
beagle to run free is important for those looking for a beagle puppy
for sale, although having access to an exercise area for the puppy will
be sufficient. They do however, need to get out and run, otherwise
without proper diet and exercise they may tend to gain too much weight.
A healthy diet should be controlled, especially if they will be stuck
in an apartment for most of the day.

Children are especially fond of the beagle breed due to its calm
demeanor and ability to treat children as part of its family. This
small dog, usually between 13 and 16-inches tall will grow to weigh
between 18 and 35 pounds, making it an ideal size for small children.
Beagles are also highly intelligent animals, willing and able to
quickly be trained and their willingness to please their owners make
them easy to train new behaviors. However, they do have a short
attention span and can quickly lose interest if they discover a new
scent they want to follow.

There are numerous sources for finding a beagle puppy for sale and
although some owners may have provided an ideal environment for their
pets, breeders are possible one of the better sources for a healthy

While there are some health issues specific to beagles, their
overall general health should be good and if some of their genetic
problems are addressed as puppies, can be controlled with medication.

One average the beagle can be expected to have a life expectancy
of about 12 years, which is typical of this size dog breed. However,
the breed does have a tendency to develop thyroid problems and if not
able to receive appropriate exercise can become obese, especially if
they have a sedentary lifestyle. Epilepsy is another common problem,
but if caught early in the dog’s life can be kept under control with

Another common problem with this breed known as Chinese Beagle
Syndrome make the eyes appear to be slanted and the outer toes may not
be fully developed. Other than these two characteristics, the animal’s
general health and development will be normal.

A beagle can be expected to live about 12 years and with the
proper nutrition and exercise should be a loving addition to any
family, especially those with children.

Michelle Adams

Michelle Adams is an animal owner that is raising multiple house pets. This article gives great information on raising beagle puppies.

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