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Bulldog basics 101: Bulldog problem behaviors

The Bulldog is a truly fabulous breed of dog. These dogs are loyal, affectionate and extremely devoted to their owners. They even make great family pets and do well around other animals, especially if they are raised together. There are certain Bulldog problem behaviors that you will want to be aware of before going ahead and deciding to get one of these dogs for yourself.

As with any other breed of dog however there are certain problems that may arise from a Bulldog, and these Bulldog problem behaviors, although really quite few and in between, can be very difficult to live with and therefore must be dealt with immediately and properly.

There are really not many behavioral problems a Bulldog will develop, but a few of the most common Bulldog problem behaviors include excessive chewing, jumping up and down and digging. Especially if you like to entertain this is obviously not going to be favorable behavior and so you need to understand what you can do to amend these problems.

Before you can properly deal with any Bulldog problem behaviors you have to understand the root cause of these problems. Dogs do not misbehave on purpose after all, but rather their problem behaviors are a result of certain factors or occurrences that have taken place in their life. In fact, most dogs actually misbehave due to a lack of care or training from their owners so it is the owners who are to blame here.

On the other hand, if they are digging at the roots of trees or shrubs then they are most likely digging for shelter or protection purposes. Rather than getting angry with your dog it is important that you try to determine the root cause of their problem, digging and other, and then from here take the proper steps in terms of fixing the behavioral problem.

Of course once you have determined the root causes of Bulldog problem behaviors you are going to want to take the proper steps in terms of solving these problem behaviors. There are a few steps that you can take in order to make an improvement in your dog's behavior and get them acting like the pet that you desire. For one you should be sure that they have an insulated doghouse. You should also always keep interesting toys around so they will never grow bored and feel the need to act out.

You should get your dog out for a walk at least twice daily, more if you can. You should also teach your dog a few commands and tricks, and always keep interesting toys in the yard to keep busy even during those times when you are out there as well, so they will always be kept busy and will therefore be less likely to have digging or other behavioral problems.

You should also make sure that the dog has an insulated doghouse and that they always have plenty of water. All of these tips are going to help greatly in terms of solving your Bulldog problem behaviors.

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