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Chinese Shar Pei: Saved from extinction

From the brink of possible obscurity the Chinese Shar Pei has made a wonderful comeback and today is a most popular and much sought after breed that because of its wrinkled appearance and hippo-like looks makes it a truly one of a kind breed. The Shar Pei is of course a breed that goes back a long time and in fact is also an inhabitant of the ancient land of China that is closely related to the Chow Chow as well as the Tibetan Mastiff.
Chinese Shar Pei’s are very compact animals that have muscular bodies and a square appearance that along with a blocky head makes it a very unique looking breed, partly because its face is very much like that of a hippopotamus. The Shar Pei can weigh about fifty-five pounds at most and it moves with strength and balance and there is a good rear-end drive to it as well. The name is symbolic of the Chinese words for coarseness of coat that are of three main types including the bear coat, horse coat and also brush coat.

The Chinese Shar Pei is well loved by everyone that comes in contact with it, and because of a calm disposition and confident manner, these are characteristics for which the Shar Pei is best known for. In addition, it also appears very dignified though it is also very aloof and will not easily become friends with strangers, and in fact, can also be given to being very aggressive sometimes.

Shar Peis can often turn into clowns when in the company of other Shar Peis and without a doubt has a temperament that is very unique. While at the same time is also not a very easy animal to train, though it does need to be socialized and be made to understand that the master is the boss.

The Shar Pei needs to understand who is boss because after that he will learn how to behave and will in fact, make a devoted as well as dependable companion and also is believed to be a good playmate for children as well.

Most recognized for its wrinkled looks, the Chinese Shar Pei is a most sought after breed and this is quite a change because the breed was once considered as being a rare one when it was in danger of becoming extinct, no thanks to the efforts of Chinese Communists in trying to end this breed.

However, because some good breeders did not give up on this breed, it is now a very popular breed that has survived those hard times and is being carefully bred even in America.

The Chinese Shar Pei can be affected by various conditions and may thus require preventive care. However, at the same time it is also well loved for its possessive nature, and under ideal circumstances, the Shar Pei should be purchased from a breeder of good repute and from one who will care about more than just the appearance as well as conformation of the breed, and will also look to its temperament as well.

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