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Choosing the gender of your dog guidelines

The fact that male dogs are normally more hostile and destructive, particularly in small spaces, is usually accepted as by some dog keepers. On the other hand, the ones said to be more affectionate and easier to train are the female dogs or ‘bitches’.

These stereotypes may be true from one breed but may not be true to another. If you know how to manage a dog being in heat or is ready to undergo his pet to the spaying method, then you might as well go for a female dog. Doggie birth control is an essential issue that you have to deal with since it will prevent additional litters of pups, but if you just won’t take the initiative to do so, then you better find homes for the females.

You should know that the change of life is not something that female dogs have, so it is possible for female dogs to have puppies whenever they want to, unlike with the human female. Every year, it is really unavoidable that male dogs would catch the scent of your female dog even though you’d keep her inside your home so you are more likely to spend weeks trying to watch over your dog. On the other hand, if you have a pure bred dog that you want to type, then having a female dog can become a financial advantage.

You just can’t stop male dogs from marking their so-called “territory” even if they’re inside your household or outdoors. They do the marking of their “spot” by urinating on that part so that they won’t have trouble finding it again. You can try to school a dog not to mark his territory, but you’re asking him to go against his instincts. Having a battle for who dominates the home is something that you should already expect if you add another male dog to your house since wanting to be an alpha dog is likely to be vied with. Even a smaller male dog will challenge or irritate the larger male – just to prove who was in the household first.

Just like with humans where opposites attract, the same goes with dogs of different genders. Although male dogs seem to be more vicious with each other than female dogs, there are a number of female dogs who don’t like the idea of sharing their space with other dogs. Usually, when it comes to house training, female dogs are easier to manage than male dogs and they adhere to the rules more sensibly, although that is not usually applicable in all cases since each and every type has its own distinct characteristics.  It may still vary and that will also depend on the ability of the dog trainer on how well he can manage the dogs. Male dogs are seen as more lively and active, however, the “high strung” disposition that are evident to some breeds may it be with their males or females. Many of the average individuals who are shopping for a dog would definitely look for a female dog. The idea that those dogs are easier to school and less hostile are the female ones is more likely to be more imagination than real.

But, being highly temperamental is a fact with most female dogs that people tend to forget. Breeders tend to favor male dogs as an easier pet to control. In determining how a dog will behave, depending on the essence of what the gender can tell you with regards to its features is not enough to give you the information you need. Dogs from a breed with calm and tolerant features tend to remain that way no matter what their sex is. But males and females of breeds which are energetic, nippy and difficult to handle usually have those characteristics within them.

Given that no scientific evidence is presented that can make the guessing of the features of males and females and comparison for each gender possible, then the decision about dog sex is fundamentally subjective. It is possible that the qualities of a friend’s pet that truly surprised you is more likely to influence your decision or maybe those childhood memories that you had with your previous pet.

Maybe you recall the gentle female Collie who lovingly cared for litter after litter of puppies as the ideal dog. Or you think about the rough and tumble large male dog that could run hard, play tirelessly and keep up with the most inquisitive children. It would be fine to follow your instincts in making the decision of picking out what dog is best for you to have that could either be a female or a male dog. Whatever selection you make, as long as you have thought about it well, then that will definitely be the right one for you.

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