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Exotic Pomeranian puppies – Can you handle the cute?

There are a few Pomeranian types always available for sale or in
rescues, it seems. The domestic dog has incredibly flexible genes, and
Pomeranian types are proof of this. The original Pomeranian is probably
extinct. They were sturdy sled-pullers and sheepherders. Two centuries
ago, they were about thirty pounds. When they went to England, the
trend of breeding them smaller and smaller began. There are now toy
Pomeranians, teacup Pomeranians and exotic Pomeranian puppies today on
both sides of the Atlantic.

Purebred Pomeranians can produce a large variety of colors and shades.
But some colors are allowed in the show ring, some are not, and very
few straddle both realms of “acceptable” and “not acceptable”. Exotic
Pomeranian puppies are only different from standard Pomeranian puppies
in their coloring. Otherwise, they are Pomeranian puppies through and

You can easily find exotic Pomeranian puppies for sale on the Internet.
They are sugarcoated websites to disguise the fact that they are
nothing more than inhumane puppy mills. In puppy mills, dogs are kept
in small wire cages and killed when they become infertile.

Exotic Pomeranian puppies will most likely be abandoned due to no fault
of their own. Due to their small size, they (like most toy dogs) are
difficult to housetrain. Tiny bladders mean they cannot hold that much.
Some have been successful in training exotic Pomeranian puppies to use
a litter box. Their coats shed a lot, and molt twice a year. At four to
five months of age, exotic Pomeranian puppies can look quite scraggly.
These coats need daily grooming, or else they get unsanitary quickly.

Exotic Pomeranian puppies are delicate, almost to the point of
ridiculousness. They can be killed by jumping from your arms to the
floor or by simply being stepped on. You need to always be aware of
where such a creature is. Chihuahuas are tougher than a Pomeranian.
Cats are tougher than a Pomeranian.

Exotic Pomeranian puppies come in blue, parti-color (some patches of
solid color on a mostly white body), chocolate (a dark brown), beaver
(another shade of brown), lavender (a shade of light grey) and blue
merle (must be seen to be believed). With the exception of blue merle,
none of these colors are dramatic enough to catch the average person’s
attention. And yet, exotic Pomeranian puppies cost many hundreds of
dollars, even from responsible breeders.

Then ask yourself just what in the name of God you are doing. No good
puppy is a bad color! Color is the least important aspect of choosing a
Pomeranian puppy. These are specialized dogs that have very specific
needs. They hate small kids and large dogs. They don’t need exercise,
but need intensive daily grooming.

You need to win their trust and friendship, which is usually pretty
easy to do. Pomeranians cannot resist being adored, and a slow, steady
person will soon have a bundle of exotic Pomeranian puppy in their laps.

Rosie Allan

Rosie Allan loves small animals including Pomeranian puppies. Pomeranian puppies are toy dogs that make excellent household pets due to their small size and loving temperament.

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