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Golden Retriever dog breed history, personality and measurements

Description: The Golden Retriever is a sturdy, muscular, athletic dog developed originally for use in hunting. The dog must be between 22 and 24 inches at the withers and weighs 65-75 pounds.

Height of the dog should be 20-22 cm and weighs 55-65 pounds. Coat golden retriever can be wavy or straight, medium length. The undercoat, and because the jacket is waterproof. Coat color varies from shades of beige, very light to dark.

History: Lord Tweedmouth is primarily responsible for developing the Golden Retriever breed. He wanted to breed dogs that would be capable of hunting in the rugged Scottish countryside. As the weather in Scotland is often inclement, he wanted a dog that would not be hampered by extreme conditions.

Given the climate in Scotland is often wrong, I wanted a dog that does not damage the most extreme circumstances. Although TWEEDMOUTH Lord had wanted a dog that is tougher and stronger than that available, I wanted to be sure that the new generation is easy to train and have a good distribution. Start two purebred dogs, Yellow Retriever and the extinct Tweed water spaniel. Crossing the descendants of Bloodhound, Irish setter, Tweed water spaniel, and returned to lead a golden retriever.

Temperament: Gold is not only famous for his intelligence and training, but also for his extreme good nature. The Golden Retriever is not a dog attached to a person, tend to be kind and friendly to almost everyone.

These dogs are very good with children, but it is sometimes said that the Golden Retriever should be protected from his young friends of man. The ease of training and providing wonderful dog, is an excellent guide or assistance dogs for people with disabilities.

Preparation: medium to long hair, gold is easy to maintain. Daily brushing will help control shedding, which occurs throughout the year. Get rid of the heaviest in the spring. The holder can also be used dry shampoo is a dog, if desired. It is best not to bathe the dog unless absolutely necessary.

Living conditions: The Golden Retriever can live outside, but must not be left out in winter, unless global warming alive. The dog is a happy apartment, insofar as it is made. The best way to avoid the presence of gold is to ensure that the dog is long standing or walking every day.


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