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Havanese care means no indiscriminate breeding

Whoops – your Havanese is pregnant. This happens even to those who try to provide the best Havanese care. You are obliged to care for Mom and pups. Follow your vet’s advice on Havanese breeding care for pregnant bitches and find out as much Havanese information as you can. Your Havanese will already know it. Natural Havanese breeding or artificial insemination is allowed under the AKC.

If you are thinking about what’s the best Havanese care there is for your Havanese, get them spayed or neutered. Havanese breeding takes a lot of time, money and personal resources that will not be reimbursed by selling the puppies. If you do decide to breed an exceptionally healthy, friendly and beautiful Havanese, you need to be sure there will be homes for the puppies BEFORE Mom and Dad ever meet. The Havanese information about breeding the dogs “for the heck of it” is grim. Those puppies will most likely wind up in a shelter.

Before you even think of Havanese breeding, know that you will have to fork out a lot of money up front. You must do it to enhance the breed and to enhance the next generation of pet dogs and not for money, or don’t bother. Proper, responsible Havanese breeding is done very small scale, in your home and with lots of vet tests done before sending Mon to the stud.

Both dog and bitch will have to be thoroughly vetted in order to be pronounced fit for Havanese breeding. They will have to pass variety of health tests demanded by the Havanese Club of America and the American Kennel Club to stamp out congenital defects. They will need certificates proving they do not carry congenital deafness, luxating patella, abnormal canine eye conditions, cardiac problems or hip or elbow dysplagia.

You need to know the pedigree of your Havanese breeding stock for at least three generations in order to legally sell the puppies as purebred Havanese. Ideally, you should show your potential Havanese breeding stock in order to make a name for your kennel and attract a waiting list for the pups. Your Havanese care for Mom to be includes increasing her nutrition, keeping her active and fit and giving her a puppy trim.

The act itself only takes a few minutes, and the pair should “lock” to ensure fertility. Some Havanese breeding stock don’t have an idea of what to do, but if they can watch mating dogs, they’ll get the idea fast. The AKC has approved artificial insemination, which may be a more practical option and involve a lot less traveling. The procedure is done under surgery at a vet’s.

Most dogs know how to give birth and take care of puppies, and Havanese breeding bitches are no exception. They seem to have all the Havanese information already in their heads. They need regular vet check ups and should be fed a high protein diet to help the growing pups. Introduce a whelping box or corner of a room or the floor of a closet in a quiet room to let Mom know where to give birth. If Mom takes more than four hours to give birth to a pup, call the vet.

Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly hopes to be a Havanese dog in the next life and so is learning all she can about Havanese breeding, care and grooming in this one. This article is meant to be a trusted source of pet advice, including that of Havanese care and breeding. Informing the public of the best Havanese information will make owners less likely to abandon their pets.

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