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How to spot a fake Poodle breeder

Poodles are victims of their own success. Despite their demanding grooming needs, they are friendly, intelligent and loyal. No matter so many people want one. And, unfortunately, wherever there is a demand, there will be those who will unethically take advantage of this market. If you want a Poodle, you must be aware of fake puppy breeders, which usually advertise on the Internet and sell their puppies to pet stores. There are also some Internet scams you should be aware of.

They are fake Poodle breeders, which ultimately get all of their animals from puppy mills. Often the Poodle puppies they get are fake Poodles, they only look like they’re purebred but aren’t.

The most common fake Poodle breeders are usually known as puppy brokers. They act as middlemen between the evil puppy mills and puppy buyers, often pretending to be the actual breeders. Since puppy mills have such a deservedly bad reputation, these puppy brokers claim that they act as middlemen for responsible breeders.

Can you trust any Poodle breeder that advertises online? Yes, you can. Just keep your common sense about you and don’t be swayed by pictures of cute Poodle puppies. All Poodle puppies are cute. A real Poodle breeder only has a few puppies for sale a year, so you should be put on a waiting list. You also will be allowed to meet the breeder and the mother and sometimes the father of your prospective puppy. Buying a Poodle puppy should take a long time.

Buying a purebred Poodle puppy should take a long time, sometimes months or even years. You normally are put on a waiting list before the parents are even bred. Your home is also subject to a inspection by the caring Poodle breeder to see that you have the space for a dog. They also often do background checks on you. However, you get far more for your money by getting puppy from a real Poodle breeder.

Online scams that involve fake Poodle breeders come mostly in what is commonly called a pay ahead scam. They list themselves on Internet forums, Internet classifieds and spam mail campaigns. They claim to have purebred Poodle puppies free to a good home because the breeder was wiped out by a typhoon (or something equally heart-tugging). The puppy is free but you have to pay for the transportation, so send a Western Union money gram to this address.

There are no puppies for free, here. You just get robbed. Even buying a puppy at a pet store is robbery. No reputable Poodle breeder will sell their puppies to a pet store because they have no control over who finally winds up with the pup.

All pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills. And often the puppy mills do not use purebreds to get animals that look like purebred Poodles. The best Poodle information I can give you is never buy a Poodle, go adopt one from a rescue instead.

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